French special forces - bash


Hi all

This is a finished bash.

Figure just has a nice, overall balance to it. I have tendency to “tweak”…and i do not care…love the hobby…getting new bits/new ideas.

Apologises in advance on lack of bits detail. Some of the knowledge on display on this website is scary & fantastic. As are the end results. I am the bloke at the back of the pack playing catch up.

Headsculpt, copy of a copy from ebay. Painted by me,
Top dragon falklands era (just love that look)
Rifle from E&S 416 collection
Webbing - totally forgotten…anyone recognise LOL
Shoes/helmet/trousers atacs all ebay.
Puzzle bomb goggles
Badges/patches all me

Patches will be swapped out, noticed these from my 1st test batch, scruffy & I developed better system. FYI - produce decal, then place on A4 fabric paper, thin wash of white glue watered, helps fix decal to micro paper and enhance colours. I was putting paper through printer, then spraying with fixer. Just decide to play one day and found I got brighter patches, from decals to paper.



I really like the bash, nice work.


It is really beautiful :heart_eyes:… and the details are sufficient, (I think that the manufacturers of figures overload accessories …) Maybe can just change blue / white / red patch of the helmet by a low visibility version.


Crye JPC from DAM’s recent FBI figures,


The “Norgie” shirt looks really good (also called a sleep shirt, as an old grunt reminded me), with the added patches. I agree that the light fighting order is pretty slick.