ФСБ Альфа (FSB Alfa) "Heavy" Operator, Dagestan 2018 (Civilian clothes ver.)

No, I’ll never be done with FSB kitbashes! Exhibit A (for Alpha):

FSB Alpha is somewhat comparable to the American FBI’s HRT group: a Tier 1 counter-terrorist unit that primarily (but not exclusively) works domestically. Regarded as the most high-speed CT unit in Russia, FSB Alpha traces its lineage way back to Soviet Spetsnaz formations and has seen heavy combat throughout Russia, primarily in the Caucasus region.

Obviously, Alpha looks more and more like any modern SOF unit - Multicam, JPCs, even AR-pattern weaponry. Gone are the days of Gorka suits and SSO harnesses. However, the AK platform seems to be here to stay, and there are still many reasons to kitbash Alpha. Although the unit usually rolls out in MC or Fort Frag Suits these days, there are some recent images of a more “low profile” look: the usual armour and kit, but mixed with civilian clothing. Maybe a covert urban recce mission went hot, and the Alpha operators had to throw their kit on and make some noise. Who knows.

All that being said, this is definitely my favourite Russian of mine. So far.


FSB “Heavy” Loadout


  • Footwear - Salomon XA Forces Mid, OD/brown (ES)
  • Top - Supreme T, UA compression shirt, grey (SS + DAM)
  • Pants - Jeans (??) (SS)
  • Gloves - Mechanix MPact Original (VTS)
  • Bucket - * Bucket - LSHZ-1+ w/ FORT Cover, NOD battery pack, tan (SS + DAM)
  • IFF - MTR/Alien IRT band, yellow (DAM)
  • Gas mask - Avon M53 gas mask (DID)
  • Neck gaiter - MordorTac “Rouge” Bandana, black (DAM)

1st Line

  • Warbelt - WarTech “Lanets” TV-108, tan (ES)
  • Pistol mags - 2x WarTech MP11 pistol pouch, MC (SS)
  • TQs - 2x TQ, black (DAM)
  • Dump - EI M60 pouch, MC (ES)
  • Comms - Predator “MK1” Fast Pouch, SURPAT w/ VX600 radio (DAM)
  • IFAK - Fort Bastion Utility pouch, MC (ES)
  • AK ammo - WarTech “Ratnik” TV-108 w/ 60rd casket mag, MC (DAM)
  • Holster - WarTech HP-101 holster, ATACS FG (DAM)
  • Multitool pouch - EI gerber pouch, MC (SS)

2nd Line

  • PC - Velocity Systems APC, MC (DAM)
  • Pelvis flap - Crye LAP, MC (ES)
  • AK ammo - Mordor Tac “Impulse” 3x AK pouch, MC (DAM)
  • Admin - Stich Profi “Pencil Case”, OD (DAM)
  • Patches - FSB large/small, full colour (DAM)
  • Knife - FSB fighting knife, small, black (SS)
  • Carabiner - large, blue (SS)
  • Gasmask - Techincom “Army PKM”, MC (DAM)


  • Pistol - G17 w/ base plate (DAM)
  • Rifle - AK-102, Magpul AFG, Leuopold RMR, Zenitco furniture, 2P+/2PS Kesh light/laser (DAM)

FSB "Heavy"





Really good Canuck! This reminds me of a little bit of the Easy&Simple “Lone Rescuer” figure with Russian flavor :grin::grin:

Love the bash, love the info , once again top job mate :+1:

Thanks both! Markie, good spotting - that’s one of my favourites

WOW! you are killing it dude, looks amazing

Thanks! More to follow soon.

Outstanding bash Canuck!!!

He’s looking pretty lethal. I agree that the street wear operators are usually quite intriguing. In the reference pictures, some of those guys look like “good old boys” - wouldn’t be surprised if they own older Chevy or GMC pickups…
The MBC Raidgear picture with the laser designator wielded like a light saber, maybe the only image I’ve seen of these guys cutting up.

Agreed, there may be some Garand Thumb influence here. The light saber one is definitely unusual, I’m not 100% on the unit ID for that one.

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