FSB Alpha based on DAM 78047B BBICN

Silencer and stocks are DIY?


I like the photos with a Z background, as we see a lot on the internet… :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

This looks very much like the work of Jazzymods. I have seen some of this work over on the BBICN forums. The Zenit PT-3 stock on the Vitvaz is definitely 3D printed. See the pic below reposted from his Deviantart page.

He has also printed some stocks which resemble the one on the AK-74, albeit with a lower print quality (does anyone have any guesses as to the type of stock that is supposed to be?). I suspect that he has refined his technique and upgraded to a resin printer in the interim. The print quality on that looks amazing - almost injection moulded quality.

The suppressor looks very much like the one which will come with the recently-announced E&S CCT figure, although my money is that this was also 3D printed.


Other stock (if that is the one you are referring to) is the FAB GL Core with their cheek rest. CAA and FAB stuff is fairly common in Russia.

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Well done accessories.

it would be neat to pick these up as swaps for loose weapons.