ФСБ С "Смерч" (FSB S "Smerch") Night shoot, 2014

Hey all, I’ve returned from my Spetsnaz break with yet another Spetsnaz figure.

Spetsgruppa “S”, AKA “Smerch”, is one of the FSB’s counter-terrorism divisions. Also known as the Service of Special Operations (ССО), “S” was formed in July 1999. “Officers from Smerch are frequently involved with the capture and transfer of various bandit and criminal leaders who help aid disruption in the North Caucasus and throughout Russia. Operations include both direct action against bandit holdouts in Southern Russia as well as high-profile arrests in more densely populated cities and guarding government officials”. (Wiki).

With this one I just wanted to do a SURPAT figure. From what I’ve seen, FSB officers don’t tend to wear SURPAT uniforms, but often wear outer layers (like rain suits, jackets and pants) in this pattern as well as CCE and M81. In this case, the Smerch officer is wearing a Gore Tex jacket (in SURPAT) over a Carinthia insulating layer. The setting is a non-tactical night range somewhere in the Russian Federation.


  • Boots - Salomon Quest 4D GTX, OD (DAM)
  • Jacket (outer) - Survival Corps GTX, SURPAT (DAM)
  • Jacket (inner) - Carinthia G-Loft, OD (SS)
  • Pants - Formtex “G3” Summer pants, MC (DAM)
  • Face covering - VOIN X Balaclava, OD (DAM)
  • Gloves - Mechanix MPact, standard (DAM)


  • Bucket - 5,45 Spartan 2 w/ NVG mount, black (SS + custom)
  • NODs - AN/PVS-14 monocular, black (PH)
  • Strobe - Adventure Lights VIP Beacon, black (SS)
  • Comms - Peltor COMTAC w/ Arc Rail Adaptors, tan (DAM + ES)
  • Patch 1 - “Руссиа” patch, subdued (DAM)
  • Patch 2 - RF Flag patch, full colour (MC)

2nd Line

  • LBE - J-Tech MKII chest rig, MC + chemlights (DAM)
  • Dump - WarTech “Maroder” UP-113, MC (DAM)
  • Hydration - SSO/SPOSN “Hydration”, MC (CD)
  • GP - Techincom PKM pouch, MC (DAM)
  • Patch: “ФСБ” patch (large), full colour (DAM)


  • Gun - Izhmash AK-105
  • Stock - VS-44 adaptor +
  • Fore-end - Zenitco B30 / B31M (DAM)
  • Dust cover - Zenitco B33 Receiver cover (DAM)
  • PEQ - Insight AN/PEQ 15 (ES)
  • Muzzle - DTK Muzzle Break (DAM)


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'nother amazing bash Canuck.

Thanks, I appreciate it!