ФСБ ВЫМПЕЛ (FSB "Vympel") NBC Specialist, 2016

Here’s a Russian I whipped up recently.

FSB Vympel (from the Dutch word for pennant) is Alpha’s lesser-known sister unit. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Vympel was the country’s most highly-regarded Spetsnaz unit, charged with sabotage and reconnaissance missions. In 1995, Vympel was resurrected and tasked with counter-terrorism and nuclear safety enforcement. Vympel operatives undergo special training related to improvised or special explosive devices, permitting them to use “terrorist-like” tactics to carry out their operations. Physical training includes close hand combat, parachute training, diving, underwater combat techniques, climbing, and alpine rope techniques. Regional groups of Vympel were deployed in cities with especially important nuclear facilities. (Wiki)

Vympel is an interesting, highly secretive unit. Despite being related to Alpha, Vympel’s “look” is relatively unique. One of my favourite things about Russian SOF is the incredible variety of camo patterns they use, and AOR2 happens to be one of my favourites. Here, I wanted to capture the unique Russian blend of older and newer kit, as well as Eastern and Western technologies. Because of Vympel’s nuclear-protection task, I figured I’d make this operator an NBC specialist.

FSB Vympel NBC Specialist - Loadout


  • Uniform - US NWU, AOR2 (Frog-type) (DAM)
  • Boots - Merrel MOAB GTX (ES)
  • Joint protection - Blackhawk! Kneepads, black (VTS)
  • Gloves - Mechanix Mpact, tan (DAM)
  • Patches - “Russia” (subdued), FSB (FC) (DAM)
  • IFF - Alien IRT, Orange (DAM)
  • Mask - Avon M53 gas mask (DID)
  • Bucket - LZSH 2DTM, black w/ IR reflective tape square (DAM - visor removed)
  • Light - PETZL Tactikka, black (TCT)
  • Balaclava - VOIN cover, OD (DAM)

1st Line

  • Belt - MBC “Udav” Warbelt, tan (DAM)
  • Holster - WAS Universal Holster, black (DAM)
  • Pistol mags - Mordor Tac Double “Impulse Pistol”, black (DAM)

2nd Line

  • Vest - Fort Defender 2 (Slick), black (DAM)
  • LBE - Blackhawk! Commando Recon chest rig, black (DAM)
  • Front - 4x Bastion AK shingle pouch, black (DAM)
  • Sides - 2x SRVV GP/Canteen pouch w/ map, black (DAM)
  • MAP - SRVV “Z3T” 10L pouch w/ 2x SRVV Frag pouches, black (DAM)
  • Comms - VX600 radio w/ PTT, SRVV Radio pouch, black (DAM + DML)
  • GP - SRVV “iPhone/Android” pouch, black (DAM)
  • Flares - 2x ROP signal flare, red/green (DAM)


  • Sidearm - Izhevsk MP443 “Grach” (DAM)
  • AK - Izhmash AK-105 w/ Zenitco furniture, EOTech 552, Zen. FG + comp, 2P+/2PS Kesh light/laser (DAM)





Very well thought out bash. Love that 105 and the over all not-so-much-equipment approach.

Thank you. I find that less is sometimes more, especially when combining very different camo patterns.

Another fantastic bash brother! You never fail! I only wish you would have put some goggles on the helmet. It would add a little more to it. Fantastic.

Thanks! Agreed, Russian helmets always looks better with goggles.

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Did you attach a Hot Toys Magpul M93 stock to your AK?

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Great bash - as mentioned by others, nice simple flow, not overloaded, result is till a figure that catches your eye.

Reference pictures - 4th down - what bullpup rifle is that? Is it part of the A91 family? Tactical front end looks cool.

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chpo - great spotting. Yes, it’s the M39 stock that came with one of their standalone M4 sets - it had a sand-coloured lower, an Aimpoint, and simunition mag.

BigD - I have no idea tbh. I’d love to see it in 1/6th though!

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Canuck - same thoughts - no idea what it is but I’m liking it & wanting it in 1/6

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I believe it is the Zenitco produced “Kochevnik” bullpup conversion kit for the AK-74 family.

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Also outstanding bash, very creative presentation!

With @Canuck fantastic builds in mind I’m getting very inspired to bash some kind of russian of my own☝🏼

Thanks everyone. Swede, I can’t wait to see it!