ФСО (FSO - Federal Protective Service) Operator in Russia, 2011

Here’s something I finished recently after a long (work-related) hiatus.

A little background:

The FSO is a Russian federal government agency concerned with the tasks related to the protection of high-ranking state officials, including the President of Russia. It traces its origin to the USSR’s Ninth Chief Directorate of the KGB and later Presidential Security Service (SBP) led by KGB general Alexander Korzhakov.

On May 27, 1996, the law “On State Protection” reorganized the GUO (Glavnoye Upravlenie Okhrani) into the FSO (Federal Protection Service). Under article 7 of the law, “the President of the Russian Federation, while in office, shall not be allowed to forgo state protection.” FSO includes the Russian Presidential Security Service. The FSO includes an estimated 20,000 troops and is responsible for the safe passage of the nuclear “black box”.

FSO Close Protection Operator - Loadout


  • Uniform - SSO/SPOSN Summer Suit “ACU”, Multicam (SS)
  • Headwear - SRVV ball cap w/ Russia flag (PH/DAM)
  • Sunglasses - Revision Sawtooth glasses, dark (ES)
  • Boots - Under Armour Valsetz 7, black (DAM)
  • Gloves - Splav “Rage” gloves, OD (DAM) -
  • Patches - East Military “STD” Runes patch (DAM)
  • IFF - Alien IRT, Orange (DAM)

1st Line

  • Belt - SRVV Riggers’ belt, tan, w/ keychain (DAM)
  • Dropleg (R) - SSO/SPOSN “Assault”, SERPA holster (G17), SRVV Gerber pouch, black (Mix)
  • Dropleg (L) - SSO/SPOSN “Assault Compact” w/ SRVV AK/pistol mag pouches, black (Mix)
  • Knife - FSO issued combat knife, leather holster (PH)

2nd Line

  • Plate Carrier - Defender 2 Low Profile, blue (DAM)
  • LBE - Camelbak Delta 5 tactical vest, black (DAM)
  • Mag pouches - 2x ANA “One” pouch, black (SS)
    Comms - VX600 radio w/ PTT + earpiece, SRVV Radio pouch, black (DAM + DML)
  • Hydration - Camelbak Armorbak (?) 3L reservoir, black (VTS)
  • Flare - SRVV “ROP” pouch, black (DAM)
  • Grenades - 2x WarTech “Zarya” frag pouch, black (DAM)
  • GP - SRVV “V-1” pouch, black, w/ map (DAM)


  • Sidearm - Glock 17 (DAM)
  • Rifle - Izhmash AK-105, EOTech 552, Zenitco fore-end




(Some FSB pics mixed in)



Looks real good Canuck.

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Cool bash @Canuck :+1:

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lovely as always, keep up the great work canuck

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Good job @Canuck! I like him a lot!

Thanks everyone! More to follow, now that I have some time off.

I like this figure, his loadout reads ready for some action, flexible enough for CPD.
Not encumbered with the extras for assaulting, nor concerned with quiet.

I can’t help but observe that his PC and LBE combination is reminiscent of those of the D Boys (ayep, I said it) in Somalia, lo those many years ago.

Great job indeed. Looks cracking reproduction of the reference pics

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Great bash, if he had a camo hat he could have been the reference photo . Ha ha .:+1:

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Thanks everyone!

Murakami: interesting observation! The combination of “Omega vest” + soft armour is a classic one that was pretty much the standard for 20+ years in the SOF community internationally. The best part about Russian subject matter is that they keep/kept using these “old school” kit layouts well into the Crye era, leading to some interesting possibilities.

Darren_Gow: I know, I wish I could find one!

The new easy simple s.f sniper has a m.c cap. Have a look, it might work.

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