GA HK 433 - anyone seen this?

Just found this - anyone aware of these sets?
Looks cool, I especially like the FDE version, although they also come in black.

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Really annoying the wrongly chosen muzzle and silencer, otherwise great!
We get the two original colors with standard stock and two sights each rifle. Should be even one new sight with one of the four sets.
But the muzzle is close to a gamebreaker for me.

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Oh, I hadn’t realized that each set comes with two optics. Not bad!
Did they put an AR-style flash hider on that model? Well, maybe this will be corrected with the end product, like E&S did with the silencer on their LVAW.

Nice that it didn’t take long for black NGALs to show up. 12 should be enough, 13 if I choose to get my DEVGRU machine gunner both an MK48 and an MK46.

Doubtful. The individual behind the creation of these sets is rather…prideful.

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Well, then I guess we’ll have to hide the muzzle behind/inside a silencer.
There is probably no rifle out there with the correct flash hider, right?

Ordered these last week…or two weeks ago.

What would be the correct silencer for this one?

As far as I know, the muzzle from the GA1002U and the silencer from the 06020B/C. I really hope they correct this in the end though. This current muzzle was solely used to fit the AAC silencer.

If I am mistaken regarding the load out, please someone correct me.

By the way, these sets come in 4 versions. Two colors with two barrel lengths each. Short and long(er).

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B&T Rotex suppressors is what they were using in various promo photos for the 433/437. Makes more sense than the outdated AAC unless you want that pseudo doesn’t quite look like a Modern Warfare rifle but has bits like that look like the fake bits Activision created look.

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In case all of you would prefer these sets with the proper muzzle from GA1002U, send E&S some mails. Maybe it works like with the LVAW’s suppressor and they apply the changes. Release for these 443s is around December I think.

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The problem is that E&S is only handling manufacturing duties for this release, not design duties. If the designer wants the AAC flash hider, that’s how E&S will manufacture these rifles.

I don’t know if the threading on the 433’s barrel is even compatible with that flash hider. Doesn’t help that the 433 is still a prototype that has not yet entered production.