GBRS gun build

Hey Guys, i had a go at building DJ Shipley,s B .C .M 11.5 carbine set up . I used the e/s urg-i upper and lower to represent a BCM and the hand guard from e/s frozen night fig and scratch built the aim point riser. Let me know what you guy’s think. Cheers guys

Reference gun


Sorry top reference photo is of Coles gun.

What did you use for the grip tape?

Mate, I used e/s tape that comes with the mint in box figures .

Not too bad Darren! Nice work on the riser. Although for greater accuracy, I would suggest that you switch out the DD handguard for the Noveske rail from the DEVGRU N4 .300 rifle which comes with a number of the E&S Evacuation team figures (see 1st pic below).

Meanwhile the grip panels in your reference pics look quite similar to those which came with a number of the rifles in E&S Weapon Set A and E&S Doomsday Weapon Set C (see 2nd pic below). Not, however that these fit a keymod rail, not the M-LOK on the Noveske rail. These will require a little surgery to make them fit.

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Hey Turkeyshot, I already had that idea of using the noveske but was to inpatient while waiting for the evac figure and lose gear to turn up. But thanks for the heads up on the doomsday kit I’ll definitely look into that mate

How would one go about converting keymod accesssories for use with MLOK slots?

To be honest, I haven’t tried it, but imagine that you would need to trim the tabs on the back so they would fit the M-LOK holes. It wouldn’t be perfect, but then, it wouldn’t be visible either. Alternatively, you could cut the tabs off completely and glue on some new tabs, either carefully cut from another M-LOK accessory, or made from scratch with some styrene.

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That latter approach is what I thought of. On that note, what would I need to do to make them fit on an LVAW handguard? And how can I directly mount lights to the sides of MLOK handguards?

Not sure if you would need to mount rail covers on an LVAW handguard, but if you really wanted to, I suppose that you could add some small round pegs on the back to fit the holes on the handguard. As for mounting any other accessories such as taclights directly to the handguard, I would think a similar approach would work. I assume that you want to do something similar to that shown in the following pic (found in an old thread from Adam)? Zoom in on the pic and you can see how it works in real steel.

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Something like that for the lights would be swell, though I don’t think I want rail covers on my LVAWs. Maybe on my 416s (with SMR or Midwest Industries handguards) or M110. At the moment I’m planning on just using picatinny sections for the former. Unless I can move all my weapons (LVAWs, 416s, M110, and MK48/KAC AMG) to using MLOK handguards (The latter two will probably need theirs custom 3D printed), In which case I can begin seeking out grips and light mounts that don’t need picatinny sections or else modifying my existing ones. Then again with the Geissele SMR handguards on the 416s, I’ve been able to use the bottom section as a rail to slide grips on, and by the looks of them the same should apply for the MWI ones. So should I make that same shift with them?

Honestly mate, that is entirely your call. Personally, I quite like having a lot of diversity in my collection, rather than having everything based off the same platform / with the same attachments / rail systems / stocks / etc. If you can’t decide, why not have both?

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True, though I always appreciate a little external input.

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