Geissele SMR MK1.5 SR-25 Handguard for CAG?

From this internal recruiting poster:

SR25 with what what looks like the Geissele MK6 scope mount and a Leupold MARK 6 3-18. Sight has been previously spotted in one of the PSD photos.

Handguard looks like a chopped version of the MK1.5 14.5" SR-25 Geissele handguard. Geissele had posted this promo photo in 2017 of a SR-25 with the “works” on their socials.


Looks good! I think I prefer the KAC URX MLOK rail more, if only because my 416s already have Geissele rails.

Would the rail from the 26030 rifle be compatible with the m110 from 26043?