Geissle rail modification

I was wondering if anyone had any input on the best way to cut a rail down, I’m planning on cutting a m4 geissle rail down to make the 11.5 inch urg version and I know I’ll to cut two mlok sections out of the rail and move the end of the rail down, my main question is what would be the best way to cut it? A hobby knife?

The rail I’m planning on modifying

Good question. If I understand it might, you plan to gut out a section in the middle and then fix both ends together?! A sharp hobby life might do, my experience is that it is hard to make a good clean and straight cut, respectively TWO straight cuts, so the pieces will fit. A Dremel or similar tool with a eine circular das might work, but you have to consider some loss of material because of a potentially wider cut. Maybe cut a little in the careful side and then sand off excess material for a perfect fit. Do you plan on repainting the trail after modification?

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Fine circular saw was what I was trying to stay. Damn German keyboard!

I’m trying to avoid repaint, luckily where the cut is is where I plan on mounting the peq, fore grip and flash light so I’m hoping the should do a decent job hiding any lines, although I may still paint it

A sharp knife should do the job then. Good luck, I’m looking forward to the result!

Thanks, I’m trying to make the new rumored devgru noveske blaster and unfortunately an mlok noveske rail doesn’t exist though I’ve also wondered about dremmeling out the key mod noveske rail and cutting it down, a 3D printed noveske rail does exist, I’d have to fill in a small gap where the key mod is as well so I’m thinking I might just settle for cutting down a geissle rail, I’m sure there’s some team guy out there running a noveske with a geissle rail, just not a lot of reference pics exist of the rifle yet, also gonna go ahead an modify a sig 320 to look like their new sig pistol while I’m at it that way I can equip e&s’s new smu figure with it

That sounds like a good approach. Frankly, I think that we need a truly up-to-date DEVGRU figure. DAM and E&S’s most recent entries have certainly been a solid step in the right direction, I feel that most of those are in an aesthetic sense still stuck in the Operation Neptune Spear era, what with their continued use of AOR1 and outdated opscore helmet setups. When nowadays they’ve largely moved over to multicam, with much more modern helmet and rifle setups. This may be due to the fact that up-to-date reference photos of DEVGRU operators have been hard to locate compared to CAG. As for the rifle, I’m waiting to see which rifle each unit officially adopts before I consider replacing the 416s used by my current figures with 1/6 scale versions of those rifles. I would also need to know if there is a version of whatever rifle CAG adopts with a 14.5” barrel in use. As for the pistols, I’ll stick with Sig and HK ones for my DEVGRU bashes instead of glocks in order to help differentiate them from my CAG ones that all use glocks. Probably P320s, since that’s what the operator from the Kabul photos seemed to be using. I would of course have to wait for versions with suppressors and red dot sights to be released.