General’s Armoury x Easy & Simple GA0005 M320 Grenade Launcher

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Nice set and a good addition or successor to the Soldier Story M4A1/M203 set.
Have them on my list now for my M4 and HK416 collection ;-).

So much for this brand being used to introduce new weapons or molds. E&S has done this exact M320 with one of their Tier # operators.

The fact that this is a suggested companion piece to the UCP figure just smacks of laziness, as it and the grenade belt could have easily been included with the figure. The M320 is tiny. How much will this set even retail for?

Past GA sets offered multiple rifles with a variety of attachments. This…I don’t even know what this is :roll_eyes:

True, this isn’t really burning hot… The launcher has been done and is readily available. Might have berb better to include it with the grunt figure, then one could still have bought the launcher any belt as a loose piece…

This is GA0005, a stand alone weapon set. Hoped for sth else as well…


I meant it pales in comparison to past GA sets. Even the SCARs, while not a new offering from E&S, had the options of both the 5.56 and 7.62 variants in two colors each with a variety of optics and the EGLM launchers.

I just joined your opinion, maybe a language barrier thing.

MSRP is $19.99 for this accessory set.

Hi guys , understand there is some disappointment regarding GA0005. The goal of our brand is not solely to introduce purely new weapons or molds, doing so is economically unsustainable.

Integrating the m320 and accompanying accessories into the figure set will result in a price that will deter the majority of the market. What we seek to do is provide options to the collector, they can stick with the rifleman as the base figure , or get the GA0005 as well and configure him as a grenadier.

Thank you all for your feedback , and your continued support.