General’s Armoury x Easy & Simple GA1001 US Army Rifleman

Very easy pass for my liking!

I would like to see never-done-before-rifles-in-this-hobby by GA again.

Nice looking Army Figure in ACU/UCP but more for older time frame from 2005 up. I like it but a Special Forces Version in ACU/UCP would be cooler ;-)…

All in good time.

We position this as a normal grunt , to cater to the market demand for a UCP /ACU normal infantry that was never really satisfied in the past years, and made worse by the only other UCP ACU figure being classified as an exclusive by soldier story years back.

I guess this is a great figure for those who have frequently called for a regular Army grunt. As my fetish is strictly high speed SOF, this is a pass for me.

I agree, Special Forces in ACU would really be coo!l

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No criticism here, just personal preference. If you wanna cater for me though, then please do a law enforcement figure in the future.

Solid release. It has been quite some time since we’ve seen a basic modern U.S. grunt.

Spec Ops may be more flashy and make for more visually interesting figures, but we can’t forget to represent those making up the backbone of the armed forces.

Looks nice! I do admit it’s a bit irksome that there’ve been so many variants of ACU/UCP figures out there, but not a single Canadian, or Pole, or Belgian, or what have you. I guess the market dictates though.

It has a Hot Toys vibe for me, think its the ACU/UCP. Pass on this one cannot stand ACU camo.

Maybe purchase headsculpt, patches, gloves & Boots

Would have been nice to have a more recent grunt, with scorpion w2 and a p320, instead of antique store UCP and another m9.

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This looks like a solid release, and personally, it could not come at a better time for me. Just finished re-reading the book The Outpost by Jake Tapper, and it’s gotten me motivated to do a period figure. The battle took place in 2009, and this figure looks perfect for it.

Having said that I agree wholeheartedly with Canuck in that other nationalities, particularly Canadians but also Belgians, Latvians & Danes ought to have been made in 1:6 scale. Hopefully E&S will step up to the plate with a Canadian grunt.

@General Sam, could you let us know the estimated release date & MSRP?

Good release by GA to satisfy the market for regular Grunts. Brings back memories of my last deployment to Iraq during the surge in 07-09 (although I wish they did an Iotv and not Plate Carrier that was mostly utilized in Afghanistan). The ACS (missing the Army Logo on the front) and the IFAK is a welcome addition.

Thank you for the support, you will have to visit your preferred-retailer to get the price !