General's Armoury GA0006 HK433 Weapon Set

Did anyone manage to remove the barrels? I purchased GA1002U ones to use the original barrel, but the glue seems to be very strong.

Only for information: I found out by accident that the slide of the pistol is equipped with a spring. Nice feature and not very much pistols have this feature.

I tried to remove the barrel but no chance. You can only swap the Receiver. Also the shoulder stock is not removable.

Yeah, I swapped the barrel with the black rifle, but TAN is impossible as it doesn’t exist. Even drilling out the barrel is not really working.
You can only swap the whole stock, but the cheek piece is glued after assembly, so like you said, no chance.

They implemented this after the GA1003 as the slide was too loose anyway, so good fix and nice feature!

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