General's Armoury GA1002U Secret Operative Bravo Six (Urban Version) - COMING SOON

“We get dirty and the world stays clean”


The idea is nice but i do not understand the composition of this set. There are some spare magazines but no harness or chestrig für them. A pistol but no holster. The entry tool is out of place for me. A boonie hat is always nice but für Urban Version i had use an basecap. Watch is nice. No civil clothes at all, a button down shirt would be nice too. So the only Part of interest for me is the Rifle. I like the idea and your stuff is good but who would buy this “set” or better who is the target group? The old Toy Soldier sets were really nice in the past. Something in this direction would be great :wink::

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This is a teaser. Full figure to be announced soon.


Two of my favorite characters from action films/series. Companies have failed to release figures based on the show. Their modified AK’s would be great to have.


HK-433! Nice to see a new weapon platform joining the market.

Judging from the rifle and the boonie hat, this is going to be another MW Capt. Price figure. You and Flagset really are going toe-to-toe on these releases.

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Great quality, as always. I particularly like the ACS stock you put on it. One of my CAG bashes uses that same one on its 416, one that I painted black. Might get the rifle so that I can use its stock. The paint job is definitely better than the one that I did.

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:slight_smile: we always try to bring something new to the market if possible. This picture triggers me, you know there is no way to realistically wear a pair of GPNVGs with a boonie hat. Sure in real life there are skull crushers, (which is obviously isnt wearing) but its a game, and you have to “suspend disbelief” and imagine he can magically attach his nvg to his boonie hat. (which is what FS did :nauseated_face:)

In thr game, characters that don’t even have hats will have NVGs mounted to their heads. Like the eyebrow is what holds them so in a way Flag isn’t wrong haha.

Sam you gotta cool it on these sets. I’m gonna go broke.

Pleaaase upload the pics of the whole thing!!!. I love the HK433 and the Sig P320. And the watch is one of the fairly depicted only ones I have seen in 1/6th and the boonie hat is top notch.

Its two days now since you uploaded that teaser. Enough it´s enough. You´re gonna make me mad.

I´m going broke too. :smile: :smile: :smile:

Another weapon…I must get…LOL!