General's Armoury GA1006R US Marines Kabul EVAC 2021 MARPAT Woodland

  1. Head Sculpt
  2. ES-Buddy MK3 Mod 1
  3. USMC OD Shirt
  4. USMC Combat Utility Shirt MARPAT WOODLAND *New
  5. USMC Combat Utility Pants MARPAT WOODLAND *New
  6. USMC ECH Helmet
  8. Gentex USMC ECH NVG Shroud *New
  9. Wilcox L4G24 NVG Mount
    a. AN/PVS-31A NVG
    b. Safran Optics ECOTI Clip On Thermal Sight *New
  11. ESS Issued Goggles and Goggle Cover
  12. Reflective Military Cat Eye Helmet Head Band
  13. Invisio T5 Headset *New
  14. PRC-152 with GPS
  15. USMC PC GEN III (Plate Carrier Generation 3) – Tactical Configuration *New
  16. HSGI Double Stack TACO *New
  17. HSGI Single Stack TACO
  18. Dump Pouch
  19. PRC-152 Radio Pouch
  20. Medic Pouch (IFAK)
  21. M67 Grenade Pouch
  22. Eagle Industries 100 Rd SAW/GP Pouch
  23. Eagle Industries USMC Sub Belt *New
  24. USMC Standard Issue M27 IAR
  25. KAC QD Suppressor
  26. M27 Iron Sights
  27. PEQ-16
  28. KAC Foregrip
  29. USMC Squad Common Optic (Trijicon VCOG 1-8x28) *New
  30. VCOG Mounted Red Dot Sight
  31. HK Rail Cover *New
  32. PMAG Gen 3
  33. Blue Force Gear Standard Issue Vickers Sling
  34. KAC Sling Mount
  35. USMC M18 Modular Handgun System
  36. Safariland Holster
  37. M18 Pistol Mag
  38. USMC Rocky Tropical Combat Boots *New
  39. Oakley SI Gloves
  40. Inner Duty Belt
  41. Combat Application Tourniquet
  42. M-67 Frag Grenade
  43. M-18 Smoke Grenade
  44. Oakley SI Frame Eye Pro
  45. Surefire Helmet Light
  46. Weapon Code Sticker
  47. Tactical Shears
  48. USMC M10 Bayonet *New
  49. USMC Bayonet Holder *New
  50. USMC Sidewinder Flash Light *New
  51. USMC Unit / Name / Flag Patches


Would anyone know how realistic this rifle set up is and the color composition?

Parts for me but why is all the manufacturers pushing the M18. Jeez its like everyone is walking around with a compact sidearm instead of the full frame M17

Well the Marines adopted the M18 so that’s why. Army and Air Force took the M17.


The rifle setup seems legit:


Tells you how much I hardly follow new acquisitions since I got out :face_exhaling:

I wonder if the ECOTIs would also work with matbock tarsier eclipses, or on GPNVGs for that matter… The 1-8 VCOG is also interesting to see, might be worth getting a few so that I can remove the RMR and put them on my offset mounts.