General's Armoury H&K433 Rifle Set GA0006 B Review.

New to the gun wall, the General’s Armoury GA0006 B Set of the H&K 433. If you’re not familiar with General’s Armoury, it is a brand started up by a fellow 1:6er a few years back, under partnership with Easy & Simple as the manufacturing side.

Lets dive in. I picked up the B version as it was most appealing to me. After getting it in hand, I think I should have gotten the A version as well. B Version is the tan short barrelled version. Each version was issued with 2 different optics, close and long range, and a new version of the Sig P320.

Pretty standard packaging for the General’s Armoury line. Plan white box in with the labeling tab for which rifle you are buying, just like the E&S sets. Inside is the typical cut foam inserts with the rifle and accessories. The top paper insert also has a logo for another 1:6 retailer, so I wonder if there was another background partnership on this series.

You get a nice selection of bits. B version has the tan ACOG scope, and Trijicon MRO, Magpul AFG, NGAL, some iron sights, Tan P MAG, 3 standard STANAG steel mags, and rail sections for the sides. We also get a nice Flat Dark Earth (FDE) Sig P320 with spare mags.

A closeup shows the nice detailed printing on both sides of the rifle. This is also a nicely sculpted rifle showing all the machined surfaces, and molded polymers.

The charging handle works, and flips out as well. It’s snug, so be careful you don’t break off the handle.

Looking at the other side, you can see the bolt through the ejection port.

The selector switch is painted and easy to see. It does move as well. I found it easiest to push on both sides as it felt a bit stiff to just try and do one side. Safe, PEW, and PEW PEW, PEW

The stock extends and folds. Very similar to the SCAR rifles.

Trijicon MRO optic up close details.


Trijicon ACOG details. When you get up close you can see how the white paint for the fiber optic tube on the top isn’t as neatly done as it could be. The Docter Optic red dot on top is glued on at a bit of an angle. I’ll have to pop that off and reposition it. Nice printing on that as well.

I still think the old Plahouse Toys/Saturday Toys version with the clear plastic tube was one of the nicest versions released of the ACOG, and that was almost 10 years ago now.

NGAL details. Nice micro printing. Just looking at it, it looked like little white blobs of paint. When I got the pics taken, you can actually read some of it, so that’s kind of cool. And must be time to get my eyes checked again…

Magpul PMag with window side details.

BUIS, and side rail sections. The sights do flip up.

I noticed that the steel mags don’t fit into the mag well of the rifle. The tab on the side sticks out just a bit to much, and fouls on the side. If you want to use that magazine, you’ll need to file or cut that down.

Close up of the stock catch. Again, very similar to the SCAR. Also, not the takedown pin.

Like all good 1:6 Gunsmiths the first thing that pops into our minds is how accurate is it? Can I take it apart? Yes you can. Push out the takedown pin, and pull the charging handle back a bit, and pull off the upper receiver. Then you get a nice view of all the innards. It almost looks like it was designed to have a spring in it for the charging handle. You get a nice view of the selector switch, breech, bolt and carrier.

All assembled and dressed up. It makes for a nice looking rifle. Which makes me want to go for a basic black version now too.

There was talk of the muzzle and silencer being incorrect for the rifle. Which is odd because the initial release of the rifle in the General’s Armoury Bravo Six figure had the proper set up. So why change it to something inacurate? it’s not a terrible looking set up, and for a change the silencer is fairly snug.

One snag of note is that AFG. Once again, it’s too loose and falls right off. It might be time for a new mold of that to get that tightened up.

The new Sig P320. Nice FDE paint scheme. I’m a big fan of this look. This version was also part of the Bravo Six figure in all black and the extended magazine. The slide is spring loaded, so it always closes back up. I didn’t try to take it apart. It looks like you just have to push out the slide release pin to do it though.

Magazine lengths and bottom plate details.

Final thoughts. A pretty nice set. If you missed out on the Bravo Six figure set, and couldn’t get one of these loose, this is a good way to get one, even if the muzzle and silencer aren’t perfect. That super loose AFG is just annoying now. That should really be addressed if they are going to keep issuing the part on future sets.

And typical to E&S/ General’s Armoury, if you want different optics or barrel lengths, you have to buy more sets, or track down the loose bits and build your preferred version. I managed to pick up a few extra bits for this rifle, and I’ll add those in following pics for reference, and just for some variety.

I think it would look nice with one of the darker brown Elcan Spectre scopes as well. I’ll have to check the spares bin.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to add them. If you have any of the other versions, add them here as well for coverage.


Great as usual. If you want the real thing, just pair up a GA0006 A upper and GA1002U lower for the correct muzzle.


Finding the GA1002 rifle loose is hard now. So expensive loose.

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Here are some extra parts from the other sets. Black bits from the long barrel 433 Set (C I think).

B Set 433 with the Vortex scope.

Small printing on the scope. Offset mount with Docter Optic red dot from the long barrel black version.

Black NGAL. Nice printing on this one as well. I think this is the only black version of this laser so far, with the black versions of the rifles in these sets.

Printing on left side of the Vortex scope.

Black Sig P320 details.


Another great review! Sorry I have not replied to these Mike. I have not been on here much recently… :frowning_face:

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Glad you enjoyed the read. Just posted last week, so you’re not that late.

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