General's Armoury x Easy & Simple GA0003 SCAR Assault Rifle




Parts List :
SCAR Mk17 in TAN
EGLM Grenade Module
Elcan Spectre DR Optic
Eotech Grenade Sight
Rifle Sling
1x 40mm Grenade
4x 7.62 SCAR Magazine


Parts List :
SCAR Mk16 in TAN
EGLM Grenade Module
Trijicon SRS Optic
Eotech Grenade Sight
Rifle Sling
1x 40mm Grenade
4x 556 SCAR Magazine


Parts List :
EGLM Grenade Module
Leupold Hamr
Eotech Grenade Sight
Rifle Sling
1x 40mm Grenade
4x 7.62 SCAR Magazine


Parts List :
EGLM Grenade Module
Trijicon MRO Optic
Eotech Grenade Sight
Rifle Sling
1x 40mm Grenade
4x 5.56 SCAR Magazine

SRS - Trijicon
MRO - Trijicon
Mark 4 HAMR - Leupold

Unfortunately, I am not too impressed with these. It’s basically an E&S SCAR re-released, so New Release doesn’t really fit here. It should also include more than one grenade. I like the scope from B and D though.


The QR-Code is applied upside down on all rifles.


Someone knows why the onesixthkit logo is now on several new release pics like we have seen on the Crane Toys Gene Yu figure, too?


I briefly discussed this with chpo, but I’m confused as to why this is a GA-co-branded release as opposed to a standard ES weapon set release. GA sets are historically brand-new rifle molds and here, the only new mold I see is the optic on the black SCAR-L.

Any insight, @GeneralSam ?

Regardless, I like E&S’s SCARs and will be getting both black rifles.


Oh no i am sorry this has slipped past us on the photoshoot.

The QR codes and stickers will most likely be provided on a separate sheet. Collectors can past them on themselves.

The GA0003 SCAR and GA2001 Heavy Breacher sets are a joint venture between OneSixthKit and General’s Armoury with Easy & Simple providing the manufacturing capability


A little hard to say historically as we have only launched 2 products in the past ,GA0001 LVOA and GA0002 GRY.

I cant say more, but this is the ONLY way to bring the SCAR series to the collectors.

If you are asking me why i have released the SCARs series as GA0003, my answer is simple. The SCAR EGLM is one of my favorite weapons ! And i wish to share this with all collectors worldwide.Just as we have done so for LVOA and GRY :grin:


Thanks for the answer, Sam. What still confuses me is that E&S has offered all of these rifles before. Sure, they may be in slightly different colors and have slightly different configurations here…but E&S has, several times over now, offered the SCAR series to collectors in weapon sets and with figures.

What I would really like to see is a SCAR-L with a standard-length barrel. All of SS and E&S SCARs have had the short CQB barrel.


It’s good to have the option available for customers who missed them the first time, but I agree it would be nice to see some more substantial variations other than a barrel or optic change. Something like Kinetic’s ACR stock for example would be something attractive to the customer base while avoiding the full costs of development but also avoiding the recycled product feeling.


I’m down for the tan 16 and 17.


As a side note it’s pretty cool to see the MRO optic here.


I like the MK17 with grenade launcher. I have the one from the E&S Mark Forester Figure and it is great done. Also i used the conversion set from Delusional to get another but it fit just with Soldier Stories MK17. So i a very happy about this comming releases. Very nice is the complement of a rifle sling. A little bit more grenades would be nice too. What is about the price?


In China the MSRP is $50 USD but Easy & Simple’s price list has a suggested MSRP for other markets of $44.99 USD.


Ludicrous. Surely the EGLM doesn’t ratchet the price up THAT much?


The closest comparison I can think of would be between the A one here and the previously Grizzly model which are quite similar. There is roughly a $10 difference between the two. For the extra $10 you basically lose a few things and get the EGLM/Sight/Sling. Some might feel that is a reasonable trade off.

It is one of the problems I mentioned before with boxed accessory sets, the pricing in the end often ends up being on the high side of a part out or more (referencing retailers in China who have been trying to sell parted out rifles at $40-50), whereas the consumer expectation is that a boxed/carded set would be below that. Generally speaking I don’t think the market acceptance is there at that price range as you are getting up to a third of a price of a figure, although there has been a push to try to get those to $200 so there is that.


  • Rifle rack
  • AFG grip
  • 1 Magazine


  • EGLM
  • Eotech grenade sight
  • Sling


Sorry if I sound overly pessimistic. I just don’t like seeing these prices creep up. The previous two GA sets and every other E&S weapon set I can think of were sub-$40.


@GeneralSam The marking SCAR-H and L is actually old fashioned. Why aren’t they called Mk. 16 and 17? Is that on purpose for nostalgic reasons?

And if you are passing feedback to E&S, could you please let them know that the foldable stock is too fragile. Once I broke two of their pins on two rifles that are responsible for holding the stock in place when in unfolded position and both rifles went to the bin. SS is much more sturdy in this regard.
Otherwise I see E&S rifles on 2nd place in this hobby, catching up on Soldier Story.


The MK17 or other weapon sets are about 35€ in europe. I personally don’t need the weapon rack.

The PMC and Doom Weapons have the same price but you get a pistol with magazines and ammo pouches for both weapons.

Current you need from SS the MK13 elgm+conversion part in 3D from shapeways+ SS MK17. Very expensive and not easy to get these two. So you have to spent 50€+.

With the new set soon you get the complete weapon system and exactly what you need. Is it cheap? Surely not but for me it is worth the money. Also this elgm is rarely in 1/6 and not available until you buy the expensive Mark Forester Figure.


@Col.Braddock The Mk17 and MK16 EGLM conversion kits on shapeways were also developed by Delusional and i a long time ago. Seeing them released as sets is sort of full circle for me.


It is a great conversion set. Thank you guys for this work. To get this as complete set is a dream come true for me :smiley:


@Scrib as i mentioned previously. This is the ONLY way to get the SCARs in the hands on collectors.

As a collector (still am). Pricing is one of the options at the top of my mind when i am releasing new items. Allow me to share with you that the SCARs are one of the MOST complex weapon series to produce, this together with the EGLM has raised the base production cost alot.

As for price creep, unfortunately it is a matter of when and not if.

But rest assured, for the GA0003, any increase in price has been from the inclusion of new accessories and the development of the newer parts (such as MRO) in this set.


No reason. I don’t particularly like numbers in product titles.

I will look into the foldable stock issue. I have not noticed it on my previous SCAR sets, then again i dont play around with the foldable functionality.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that these are highly detailed replicas, the plastic tab that keeps the stock fixed in place is fragile and not meant to withstand repeated folding and unfolding. That being said, i will explore avenues on the engineering side of things to improve the situation if possible.