General's Armoury x Easy & Simple GA0003 SCAR Assault Rifle



To be quite honest, I am somewhat underwhelmed with this release. We have come to expect new parts / items / variants in these boxed weapons sets (especially considering their ever-increasing price point), yet the only thing which appears to be new in this release is the red dot sight mounted on top of the black Mk16. While it is good to see the SCARs available as boxed sets, I would far sooner have seen some custom parts like the KDG ACR-type stock, KDG MREK rail extension, Tangodown rail extension, or an AK47-compatible lower receiver. The SCAR platform with its incredible modularity would have been perfect to showcase some of these new components rather than just re-releasing the same tired old parts. Disappointing.


@turkeyshot In due time.

This set is to answer collector and market demand for vanilla SCAR sets coupled with the EGLM.



There are actuell six different sets from E&S for the MK17. Four of them with different barrel length and optics. One “hybrid” with MK16 upper and MK17 lower receiver and one sniper configuration.
One MK16 /EGLM with the “Breacher” and the only MK17 with EGLM is the one which comes with the Mark Forester Figure. The SCAR´s from Soldier Story are standard Mk17 / MK16 which are nearly impossible to get the hands on.

So these new releases will be the only and first sets with MK17 / MK16 EGLM configuration in standard color and in black together with nice optics. I can not ask for more and i will be very happy when these sets are avaiable. Next step could be, like turkeyshot said, MK17 versions with the mentioned parts. But you need also enough people to buy such variants and the price would rise because you need new molds and perhaps complete new designed parts. How many people would buy such Versions?
E&S quality ist top in relation to their weapons and there are enough optics avaiable for conversions i think. Like GeneralSam said these are more for SCAR Fans and collectors or people like me who like such configuration with the EGLM. The future will bring more perhaps ;-).


It’s a shame Soldier Story is so slow. These are from 2014




thx a lot for this picture. That is something i can´t understand. Soldier Story had these beautys but they never came out. Just the MK13 grenade launcher with one of the USAF PJ Figures. The AOR1 MK17/EGLM will come together with the new MoH Figure. Hopefully Soldier Story will release these weapons in the future as seperate sets like E&S and Dam Toys do.


@Col.Braddock @chpo I actually plannned for 3 colors for the scar set , tan , black and aor 1 which I eventually dropped.

I too have been waiting for the soldier story scars for ages , so long that I decided to make my own brand to get them to market :rofl: ok I kid I kid

But honestly , I doubt we will see the scars released separately as a set due to a simple fact - price point. The scars with eglm are very complex as I mentioned previously , drove the production price way up , And subsequently the retail price is elevated as well. I have been facing quite a fair bit of criticism releasing the scars at this price point, but there isn’t any other way , which brings me to my previous comment . This is the only way to bring the SCAR EGLM into collector’s hands. The other option is to wait a decade for them to be released as part of figures and fight over part outs.


If people want these than i think they will pay the price. I know that E&S quality is top and so your sets will be too. I have seen the pictures and reviews of your other rifle sets and these are awsome. If i can get a MK17/EGLM after release i will be very happy. So please go on with your great work.


We are only seeing prices trend upward. I’d like to see some hard evidence justifying these price hikes. It seems like the companies are taking note of what retailers price rifle sets at, then setting that as the MSRP. A disturbing trend.



The main problem are we all :wink:. If the majority would not buy anything more the manufactures had to change something. If something new comes on the market everybody want it if was on his list of interest.
On the other side the quality ist on a very high level. So we pay the price to get more details, more new weapons etc. Why are nearly all modern figures are sold out everywere? Because we buy them and so it is normal that the prices go up. Would anybody buy a figure today with the quality of G.I. Joe Figures or Dragon from 30 Years ago? I think no and i would not buy any Figures or part anymore. Like many of us i think…So we have two choices. Another Hobby (NO WAY😁) or hope you know a good shop with reasonable prices.


First pictures found and a little review for set GA0003 (MK17+EGLM):


Comments on BBICN say more or less:

Too expensive and worse quality than Soldier Story


If you have the SCAR-L with the PDW stock from the urban sniper figure the lower is interchangeable with the SCAR-L from this set with minor modification, handy if you desire a PDW stock version with the original FN two tone colors. The lower on the PDW stock version has been slightly modified by Easy & Simple. Like the original SCAR-L lower It has two tabs on the rear of the lower which index it with the rear portion of the stock plate attached to the upper. The upper tab on the PDW stock version’s lower is filed down slightly so you’ll need to modify the donor lower to match so you can position the new lower far enough back to reinsert the front pin that holds the upper and lower together.

When re-fitting the lower to the PDW upper you’ll want to angle it in slightly from the rear to line it up with the mating notch in the stock plate, then once seated hold the upper while sliding the lower towards the rear to ensure the stock pin holes at the front align properly. If you look at the underside of the pdw stock there is a small notch in the black stock plate, just make sure the tab from the lower lines up in there and your front pin will fit back in properly.


As mentioned, we have received a fair amount of criticism for the relatively high price. I shall not discuss any price related comments as i have previously outlined the reasons.

SS spends a tremendous amount of money on exceptionally finely detailed molds. Their weapons are always little pieces of art and it is something that we are always aiming towards, budgets aside.


Thanks for the links, i didnt even notice that thread. I trust the SCARs re slowly making their way around the globe. We have completed manufacturing a whole quarter ahead of schedule, hope every one enjoys their Scars !