General's Armoury x Easy & Simple GA1002U Secret Operative Bravo Six Urban Version


This set comes with the most interesting rifle and handgun in 2020. Good to see that ES and partners like GA, GWG or SMG keep releasing new weapon moulds all the time.

Absolutely. The LBX second-line kit is great too, as well as the uniform components and HS. All around fantastic in my book, although the colours are a bit off (from the game at least).

Sam you gotta stop. You are killing my wallet. Now I HAVE to buy Ghost and Price, its the law.

Wow, this figure rocks! Especially the rifle is a treat! Even if I’m not into video games, this is a must-have!

Great looking set, definitely want a few of the tourniquet holders, the back pack and the sig as well! The uniform and hs are awesome as well

Nice all around figure. Like the weapons and clothes! Good job!!!

Sorry guys…I can’t undertand the hype about this figure! :thinking:
Perhaps that’s because I’m not so much into this video game. So, it’s an easy pass for me.

Atually, we color matched him to as close as possible as to how he is in game, even his contrasted knee pad colors.

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No Worry Oso. We tried to cater to both collectors who are interested in the game , as well as collectors who are more into “real life” aspect of things. Our set features some never made before soft and hard items, like the armatus ii vest and banger back panel, the all new P320 pistol as well (which was recently adopted by the US Army) as well as the cutting edge Hk433 with modified AR-15 buffer tube.


Very nice done GA. I was not a fan of the “Trailer” but the end result is great. The HK33 and P320 are great for all military collectors and it is very nice to have new weapons. As a player or better retired Player ;-), of these CoD games on PC, it is great done. Love the Headsculpt and complete outfit. Very good selection. A dream wolde be a Figure like MacTavish or Ghost in the scuba mission outfit from MW2.

I love this figure. Just assembled him. Cancelled my Flagset because I was so impressed with this figure.


We’re glad you like him as much as we do :smiley: Thanks for the support !

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My HK433 and the P320 arrived and i love them. Great work GA and E&S. I only changed the buttstock and it is a great rifle.

the figure looks very clean, easy and simple :wink:

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