General's Armoury x Easy & Simple GA1003 Secret Operative Phantom Modern Version

Might pick up the mask from this one. Also, is that a AX-50?

MK13. Neither company did the AX-50 for this one.

I see. Then I’ll just get the mask.

I don’t play the games, but this has some interesting components. I like the head sculpt paint, too.

Thank you all for the support. We have received some feedback about the skull mask. Quality, accuracy are as important to us as customer feedback.

We are modifying the skull mask and will announce revised pictures soon.

Stay tuned.


This is nice. But it does have some major pros and cons. The major pros will be the better overall quality, better gear and the cloth mask. It’s a crisp figure. But the two main cons are the full face paint head that if you display him like the character, you will never see it. It does help if you do that the head is not a raccoon for other bashes. The one glaring con is the no arm tattoo. Like the mask that is the new signature mark on the new model.

Overall its still a great figure and will sell well. I like the rig and the cloth mask is much better than the molded one on a head.

Really great Figure. Something different. I love the mask and the Rifle. Also the headset looks great in that color. I think this Figure will sell well but i think this will cost a lot of money.

The clothes are really good quality from flagset. I have the Uniform, vest and chestrig in Multicam Tropic and these are top.
The weapons are clearly better from GA but this is E&S producing it. No Question about that GA will be better but you have to pay for that. I like the way GA is going with that Figure. What is about a “Ghost” Figure like this…

The figure will be priced reasonably. I believe various retailers have listed their prices.

GA1003 is deliberately titled as Secret Operative: Phantom (Modern Version) :slight_smile:

We are finalizing changes to the skull mask and will reveal them soon with other surprises.

:smile: you got me. We know what the inspiration was :wink:. Next please “Ghost” Figure :upside_down_face:. Would be a killer Figure for sure.

Personally, I preferred how he looked in the loose ends missions from MW2. I’m not too keen on his favela look, but I can see the appeal. So if they do make an OG version of him in either of these or the UDT outfit, but with updated gear, that’d be great. Whichever one they choose, perhaps they could release the other outfits and their respective gear as standalone packs, instead of releasing basically the same figure thrice thrice. It’d probably be much cheaper that way.

I like both those signature outfits, but prefer the loose ends fleece and rig outfit a bit more. “contingency” bundle am i right. :grinning:

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Change in eyehole, cape and headphones. Good choice in my opinion, not knowing what the game character looks like

The new Design of the mask looks better now. The new eyehole shape looks very good now. A much better choice. It is a pitty they additionally changed the color of the cape and headset. These colors were very good for desert enviroment. The dark color in turn is adding more dynamic and looks more aggressiv. So now it is a bad guy ;-).
It looks like the Uniform will be black or dark too?!.
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Brilliant! I was not going to buy either version, but with these changes, I’m definitely getting the GA one!

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Only the mask design has changed. The new and improved mask design will ship with all GA1003 orders and future PHANTOM figures / variants :wink:

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Col.Braddock, thanks for the support. Only the Skull Mask design has changed for GA1003. Cape color and headset remain the same.

As for the picture, hmmmm :thinking: :wink:

Thanks for the support Albert ! And of course while Phantom often operates alone, he wont be complete without his captain ! :grinning:

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Ah! I’ll wait for the black cape version then, the colour scheme fits my squad much better. Cheers Sam!

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Sneaky, sneaky. I see what you are doing there.

From Facebook: “The newly designed and improved skull mask will ship with all GA1003 orders and future Phantom related figures.” :+1: sounds very good :wink:. Also “his Captain” sounds good to me too :upside_down_face:.