General's Armoury x Easy & Simple GA2002 Phantom Gear and Weapon Set Classic Version

Parts List:

Polarfleece Jacket x1
Cyre Precision Gen 2 Field Pants x1
Inner shirt x1
Skull mask (balaclava) x1
Condor Chest Rig x1
Condor Triple Pistol Mag Pouch x1
Condor Radio Pouch x1
Condor M4/M16 Single Mag Pouch x2
Condor Double Frag Grenade Pouch x2
Condor Drop Leg Platform x1
7.62 Mag pouch x3
Shotgun Shell Pouch x1
PRC-148 Radio x1
AMP Headset x1
TEA Push to talk x1
“Ghostly Premonitions” HK433 Rifle x1
Dr Spectre Optic x1
DBAL laser x1
Hk433 Streamlined Iron Sights x1
Magpul Pmag x2
HK Mag x3
Glock 17 x1
BHI CQC Legdrop x1
Pistol Mag x3
Salomon Quest 4D GTX Forces Boots x2
Oakley SI Factory Pilot Gloves x2
Oakley SI Straight Shades x1
Cobra Rigger’s Belt x1
Alta Knee Pad x1
Flag Patch x1
Carabiner x2


Thank you very much for this set. This is awsome! Nothing to complain about. This is a direct hit to my wallet. The HK433 with that stock is beautifull done. All thumbs up :+1: :+1:.

The two-tone HK433 is a nice callback to the ACR from MW2! I hope we eventually see an all-black HK433 with the factory stock - Price/GA1002U’s HK433 has the ACS stock.

@GeneralSam, are the barrels easily removable and swappable between this HK433 and the GA1002U one? I think I ultimately want to use the barrel with Surefire flash hider from this release on the GA1002U rifle, and vice versa.

We need rifle sets with 433s only. Different barrels, stocks, colors etc. I hope they will keep showing after a bit as they are modular weapons.

I am SO hyped to see that uniform sets are back, and especially looking this good! The details are spot on and the “Kilo” looks fantastic - I can tell you put a lot into this one.


Fantastic set, hoping theres more of these coming up.

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As an old CoD-player this was a must one for me and today I recived it. Nice that it’s compatible with E&S so I’m doing this one with an old 2.0 Buddy I had lying around.
The details a awesome and GA captured that Ghost-”feel” spot on.

Got my set a couple of days ago so this could be fun build. Again, great detail work from GA👍🏼

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You will be very pleased with this set. It is great done and very good quality. I have mine here too. Love it. I have used the head from flagset as first test but i think i will use the great balaclava in this set with glasses.


One can tell just handeling the fabric and plastic that this is one very thought through. Personally I’ll go all out ”classic” mode.

The jacket is really great done but it is on the smaller site. The fit is very good on my soldier story body. I like the head from flagset but i will change it to the classic look too. The HK433 is awsome. Love this rifle.

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Mine came out pretty good IMO. The head set was a tricky bit (as usual) but over all I’m a very happy camper.
Added a few bits to taste though; a tourniquet (E&S), a SAS patch (Flagset), a wrist watch (DAM) and some random chem lights.


The classic look is great. The problem with the headset can be solved depending on which head you are using.However, the brackets are relatively rigid.

@Col.Braddock I went for the E&S 26034 ”Michael Rooker” hs for getting the skull balaclava to sit right. That hs is kinda ballon-y in shape though so it’s kinda one or the other way I guess🤷🏻‍♂️