German Kommandos

KSK and others. I’m far from an expert on this topic but I have some decent reference materials to share.

It’s good to see Flecktarn still but note the gradual Borg-like shift to Multicam. Still lots of domestic PCs in use like the LHT Plattentrager, but also a fair amount of JPCs (and even Mayflower UW chest rigs!) in use. The Germans have gradually started to join the GPNVG-18 gang, along with the French, Americans (obviously), and even the Canadians.

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nice information.

And yes multicam everywhere. Think kitbash getting easy, just do one figure multicam figure, then print off/make badges & swap gun…end result any special ops from around the world LOL



LOL at “Borg-like…”.

Interesting camo in the last few pics. Looks like Tropentarn, but those colours are not the usual one. Almost Multicam colours in Tropentarn pattern.

German Kommando Guns

What are these? Almost look like souped up FN Minimi’s/SAWs

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Cool. Thanks S_Commando :+1:

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I guess the camo is the new “Multitarn” proprietary pattern of the German Bundeswehr.
Something different, maybe we’ll see some in 1/6 in the future. Hard to find any SOF unit not wearing Multicam, these days…

Yes you are right about this. It is like you said called Multitarn. You have six colors now and it is brighter than the old “Flecktarn” but darker than “Tropentarn”. This new Camo is also now suitable for desert enviroments and they have optimize camouflage effect in the near infrared range. With date of Nov. 2020 nearly 4.000 German soldier had been deployed in the war regions with this new Uniform.