Getting pop up message "do not mention retailers blah blah"


When typing responses to people over the last few months, I have occasionally got a pop up message, reminding me to not mention retailers and no swearing. Forget exact wording.

Thing is I am not mentioning retailers or swearing. Just had to retype a response to Chpo 4 times, subject was only about bending a part on a gun. Somehow parts of my response triggered the pop up - 4 times.

I have in the past given up responding or like today gave a very basic response, that past the censors.

Could admin look at this with a view to lowering the systems sensitivity


I have encountered the same problem, also while typing a normal comment, no profanity, no retailers. Had to retype several times as well, although I still don’t know what triggered the message.

The pop up indicates what word(s) are setting the filter off and they are listed directly at the end of the message, whether in mobile or desktop view. Remove or use alternate words and you’ll be fine. Unfortunately we get many new users along with some existing users that repeatedly ignore the site rules or have not had a chance to review them. It is set about as minimal as it can be as outside of very specific off topic words there are only 3 general words that may overlap with general on topic discussion. Those three words are present in about 90% of what gets moderated so not something that can be changed.