Getting Started 05 - Customizing Your Weapons

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One of the more frustrating aspects of kitbashing can be customizing a weapon with new optics, grips, and other accessories that did not originally come with the original weapon. Although items share a common 1:6 scale there is no guarantee that parts among brands, or even within a brand, are readily interchangeable. The imperfect fitment…

Nice writeup, Adam. I’ve found that thin strips of masking tape or double-sided tape work well for holding railed accessories or loose magazines in place.

Yep that is another good way of doing it. I like using blu-tack as it comes off with no fuss. The only downside is it isn’t ideal for holding things like flash light switches in place. You would think brands would keep their rail widths consistent across new molds given they reuse the tooling from all of the accessories.

Isn’t also paint on the rifles a problem? When they put camo it usually is thicker then only the plain rifle and accessories don’t slide on properly. It’s too tight.

That can be a problem. I put a few together and they accessories needed a bit more sanding. I need to track down some really thin files to use for sanding the bottom base of the accessories without effecting the gripping sides.

That’s a good idea. I always used a small scissor blade. Not so accurate and sometimes I damaged the item.

Great idea. But I find the easiest way for loose items on a rail system is to simply put some superglue gel on the attachment where it fits the rail. If you put to much glue, get a jeweler’s file, small set, and file it down until you get the right fit.

If to tight, jeweler’s file and file it down until the right fit.

The middle one is the one I use most because it has a triangular shape.

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Just reminds me to buy some. Thanks @davinator65

@AdamC I saw the Alpha abrasives on ebay, but no mixed bag. Would you recommend fine, medium or course then?

I mostly use the medium grit one.

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