Ghillie suit

For a while now, I have endeavored to make a ghillie suit for my CAG sniper kitbash. More specifically, the crye compact assault ghillie suit. While it has been released by easy and simple via their NSW recce figure sets, those are usually unavailable, and quite pricey whenever they do pop up. Thus, I seek to make the suit myself. However, I’m not certain on where to get the proper materials, nor how to properly construct it. Any help in these matters will be greatly appreciated.

image Image result for 1/6 scale sniper figure

This figure is all over the web - just type 1/6 scale sniper. its a basic cheap “toy” figure. The ghillie is decent for a basic start (I don’t have time to do my own scratch built suit). You can add your own materials or repaint/weather it. its what I did. Comes with plenty of parts, which are again very basic toy, but with weathering/paint applied you can improve items.

Just an idea - good luck

Also these could help:
Dragon Sniper set

Veryhot sniper set

ZY Toys sniper set (multicam)


The ghillie suit from DAM’s “Sgt Major USMC Sniper” or whatever is pretty readily available. Might be able to make something out of it.