Glock 17 Gen5 MOS3 CAG/CIF

Leupold Delta Point Pro, Surefire X300V, Dawson Fiber Sight, Surefire X300V, Zev Pro Plus magwell.

Same config that showed up recent DVIDs photos published from Fort Bragg. Taran Tactical base pads.


Yeah, now that is a nice looking Glock. I wish the 1/6th companies would put a little more effort into sidearms.


Yeah we could do with a newly tooled slide that replicates the milled out area instead of resorting to the usual double sided adhesive. MOS slides are being used across multiple units no so it would make sense.

It’s pretty easy to mill one though with an exacto knife and a steady hand for 1/6 ones, plus in 1/1 the mos slide cut out isn’t near as deep as one that’s been done by a gunsmith, I know a lot of glock people would rather just have a standard slide cut than get the mos slide because they can get a better and lower profile mount that way

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I know that E&S and some others move pretty rapidly, but the sudden rise in enthusiasm for slides with the milled and drilled cuts for optics have really only recently shown up in Glock’s MOS pistols. Originally, they were available for competition and LE applications. Optional slides were also available from various sources, too.

It will be interesting to see if 1/6 commercial offerings begin appearing, fully detailed.

Unity Tactical Atom RMR cut slides were being tested in the lead up to the recent MOS glocks as well as various milled slides.

A while back I milled out a slot on an HK45, though I used a metal file and a mechanical pencil to trace it out. Wasn’t perfect, and since then I’ve decided to give all my figures glock 17s from the DAM NSWDG figures. Not sure what to do for the magwells, been trying to get those E&S G19s that have them, but removing the magwells has been very hard for me. Maybe I should look into having some custom 3D printed? It’d probably be fairly cheaper, plus they’d fit better.

I’d just leathe on the e&s glock, e&s g19’s are really good and it’s easier to add the threaded barrel to it if that’s what you’re after then trying to remove the flared magwell, although if you still want to remove the magwell cover try putting the gun in the freezer for a bit in an ice cube tray if you can, the cold makes the glue really brittle and easier to break