Glock Kydex holsters

One of the most prominent developments within the gun world that we don’t really see is kydex holsters. Sure there are plenty for sigs, berettas, HKs, and more, but we don’t really see them for Glocks, specifically the more modded out ones with lights, red dots, and muzzle devices. The best we get are SERPAs. Normally this would not be a problem as all my CAG and DEVGRU bashes will be using 6354 holsters, but some of the other ones I intend to make will have pistols that currently available holsters can’t really accommodate. So this means that I will have to make my own.

First, let us consider kydex. It works as a Thermoplastic that becomes malleable once a sufficient amount of heat is applied. The process of making a holster then, involves taking the desired item (be it a pistol or knife) and pressing it into two heat pieces of kydex that each conform to either side of the item, creating a mold of it. The two pieces are then cut to shape as to allow the user to insert and extract the item, have their edges sanded, painted if need be, joined together with rivet, and finally have some sort of attachment device installed on one side. However the issue I see is that there is a risk of a 1/6 pistol melting due to the heat of the kydex (as the latter may be able to tolerate more that the former). There is also the issue of sourcing sufficiently sized materials, as well as cost.

With this in mind then, the most practical solution would be to use some other type of thermoplastic that works like kydex but that is more suited to use with 1/6 items, while keeping the rest of the process the same. Now admittedly I am not very familiar with those sorts of materials, so the only one I am aware of is worbla. If you know of others that would be more appropriate, do tell. At the very least, I know that it is sometimes used in making cosplay accessories, so that should speak to its durability.

Another alternative is to cast the pieces in regular plastic, which I imagine is how 1/6 companies usually do their holsters.

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Kydex is great for thermoforming items like that, but the last time I checked, it doesn’t come in thicknesses that are proper for scale use on 1:6 holsters.

I think the best way to make something like that would probably be to 3D print the holster. You can probably even get that textured surface that Kydex has in the printing process.

Resin casting may also work, but you need to make a master for the molds, and it tends to be a lot more brittle, and may not stand up to the handling if the wall thickness of the holster is thin.

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What is about a shrink tubing, if this is the right german translation of "Schrumpfschlauch, to imitate a Kydex holster? You can shrink it or press it to the form with heat. Also it is easy to cut and thin. It is originally to isolate, mechanical protection or to seal something.
It adapts exactly to the shape. Should work ifyou put a Glock under it.

Before shrinking with heat:

after heating and shrinking: