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Hello everyone, this is my first post and as you can see, I’m currently working on a kitbash and I had a pair of GPNVG-18 NVGs by Easy&Simple that I wanted to store in a pouch instead of placing it on the helmet.

So therefore, I would like to ask are these pouches by Hottoys suitable and large enough to store them or are there any suggestions?

GPNVG from Easy&Simple

These large utility pouches by Hottoys

Hello and welcome to the Forum.

The GPNVG-18 is on the large site of NVGs. So you have suitable cases for them. I do not know the Hottoys ones but I would use the appropriate one from the manufacture like E&S.
This is one from Damtoys in multicam:

Hi mate and welcome. Dam toys f b I h r t agent no 78o42 has one in muticam .

Hi Randy, welcome to AF.

That pouch from Hot Toys is from one of the 75th Ranger figures. While not a normal pouch to fit that type of NOD, I would say if it fits inside, use it. Those pouches are pre GPNVG use, and not something a Ranger would use at that time. It’s a larger utility pouch, so it could be used for anything really, but it wouldn’t have been specifically for that use. If it doesn’t work, or isn’t accurate, you can always find another pouch.

Others have already mentioned the one from the 78042, but the two versions of the 78044 figure each have some NVG pouches as well. If those are hard to find, Any large narrow pouch should work just as well.

The thing is I was able to found one on the internet at first but it ran out of stock so I need to find a substitute.

Are those pouches above suitable?

Is this pouch by Soldier Story suitable?

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Hi, yes, the SS067 pouch even fits the whole gas mask. Might be too large already.
DAM 78042 or 78044 have the NVG pouch and it fits perfectly, but color patterns might not fit your needs.

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That’s the problem, I was able to found one on the internet at first then it ran out of stock so right now I’m trying to find a suitable replacement

Welcome aboard Randy. I don’t know what color or camo you need, but maybe a soft pouch for 100 round SAW magazines might suffice.

It appears Ranger Green is the colour you’re looking for, as that’s the original one you posted, and the same colour as the picture on the FBI HRT pouch.

So far none of the figures that come with RG coloured gear were figures that would have come with the GPNVG-18, or the actual operator in question (75th Ranger wearing RG coloured gear, or FBI HRT, or another unit in question) would have been issued that gear, as it tends to be either unit specific high end equipment, or issued more recently to currently active units/groups as the price on those units should have come down on the NVG’s as they’ve seen more operational use since being released, relatively speaking of course.

As I mentioned above, I think if you can find a pouch that fits in the colour you need, stuff it in. If you need a specific pouch for the GPNVG-18, you are probably only going to find it in Multicam. If you need Ranger Green for your build, find a big pouch and stuff it in. Larger General Purpose pouches would be used that way unit an actual purpose made gear was issued.

I have a few 75th Ranger builds on the go, and use the RG gear quite a bit. so I’m curious to know what you’re trying to build up now haha.

Figures with the RG gear would be the Hot Toys, Crazy Dummy( darker green) and Soldier Story 75th Ranger figures. Soldier Story FBI HRT. Soldier Story 10th Special Forces Group SGCC Exclusive (it’s an exclusive figure, and if you can find one at a good price, it’s quite nice). Damtoys FBI SWAT San Diego version 78044.

The Damtoys FBI SWAT 78044 figure actually comes with the GPNVG and will have that pouch in the RG colour if that is your specific need.

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It’s just a figure inspired by games such as Ghost Recon, Modern Warfare 2019 and Battlefield

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