Green Beret with Knight's LAMG


I have a few of Dragon’s old KAC Stoner LMGs. This design has been updated many times over the past couple of decades. Never seemed to gain wide acceptance but occasionally you’d hear about them landing the odd contract for it.

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That’s awesome, I have a couple of the old Dragon Stoner 96’s. Always loved the design and this basically a modernized Stoner 63 which the SEALs loved during the Vietnam era.

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Who’ll be first… DAM or E&S? haha

That is just so cool. Wonder how it’s holding up under battlefield conditions.

I would bet it will be E&S. Dam uses more the classic ones with a little update like their HK416 oder Glock.

75th Ranger LAMG:


Just such a cool LMG…


Another Ranger LAMG.


I just love that gun. Nice pic Adam.

Interesting to see the laser mounted on the top rail, rather than the sides as is ubiquitous with the MK46 and MK48 even though they have top rails available. I would be excited to see this in 1/6 form, though my preference leans towards the 7.62 version more as I hope to equip it with an S&B 1-8 scope. It would also be tempting to have the sig MG338 should it become available, it’d be better to keep my machine gunner in line with my Designated Marksman, ammo wise. Besides, I’m not sure the ammo drums could even fit in my saw pouches.

Now it´s on you E&S to bring us this baby in 1/6 :wink:.

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What does the A stand for in LAMG? I’m assuming it’s something like Light Assault Machine Gun?

Okay, I just Google’d, so yeah, it does.

It’s because the side doesn’t have a permanent rail like the mk46 and mk 48 do, it has mlok slots and even though mlok is secure enough for lights and grips, there would be to much shift in the zeroing of the laser from vibration

In that case, the opposite would be true for the MK48, which has been my main choice for an MG. I already have one with a top rail which is/was supposed to hold the NGAL, and I intended to get several sets of a different version that used the M4 style stock. Since that’s unviable, I think I’ll just wait for the (L)AMG to come out instead. Hopefully it should be easier to do a c-clamp on that.

I’d buy a Ranger with that LAMG. Just saying.

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