Green Wolf Gear British w/ L85 coming soon!

Seems like a new GWG figure is on the way


Also with a good likeness of Hardy was this Figure - DAMTOYS 78010 75th Ranger Regiment Saw Gunner Training Version 2014 CICF EXPO Exclusive

The head looks really good on that shot from the side. The quality of the weapon and gear is good because it is easy & simple. They produce the stuff for GWG. For me the Figure is too expensive for an mainly E&S Product. It is just the head for me :wink:. Too bad it is not an SAS Figure like the “Lone Rescuer”. Or a Figure like this:

Here is the regular version of the figure.

I know this one too and it is about 160£. It is just the Logo and maybe Design from GWG. It is produced by E&S and so you get the quality of an really overpriced E&S Figure. I have the SAS Figure parts and the body. This is just E&S. Just the price is “special” by this Figures from GWG. This “new” and limited Figure is a pitty because it has a Tom Hardy head. So a more unique Special Forces Figure would be better in my opinion with parts just avaiable with that Figure. But GWG take nearly the same Royal Marine Figure and put a Hardy on it. So you have to pay 20£ more for the same Figure. If the Figure or better the box or a seperate card would be signed personally by Hardy it was a special piece.

I take your point that E&S is the OEM so we are inclined to value it like an E&S product but the difference here is that GWG has to pay for all of the tooling and pattern work associated with the new gear and then pay E&S on top of that to coordinate distribution as well as production. In the case of the L85 this an evolution of the earlier tooling they had done for the L85A2 so there are extra costs there. It’s difficult for new brands coming up to hit lower price points as they don’t have the economies of scale with existing tooling and patterns or built-in customer demand and have to pay a higher cost of development since they are another step down in the production process.

The special edition appears done for a charity with all proceeds going to the charity so there is that dimension to consider as well. Doing a totally separate figure would require a good sized 5 figure investment for the additional prototyping which might make it nonviable as a charitable project.

Something like a signed copy of the box would be a nice touch but I’m personally less concerned with price when proceeds are going to a military charity as compared to say a certain brand raising their price significantly for no real reason or a distributor taking the equivalent of 50% of the price. It does raise an interesting question though, say new brands enter the market through cooperation with existing brands and have a premium associated with otherwise comparable product, are we ready to support it as consumers? For the hobbyist we can probably instantly recognize the OEM and compare more readily. I’d like to see more new brands as one could argue that existing brands are taking advantage of a lack of competition but new brands coming in may be more expensive. Catch 22 situation.

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The RM figure will benefit Marines, and Hardy is an ambassador for their cause. As said, it will cost dear, but REORG seems a great cause. Reminds me of special figure like the old OSB Falklands figure, which was made in limited quantities, years ago.