Green Wolf Gear GWG-004B GALAC-TAC Desert Raider (Exclusive) OD


1:6th scale body
1:6th scale head sculpt
Crye Precision G3 shirt (OD) (Exclusive)
Crye Precision G3 pants (with knee pads) (OD) (Exclusive)
MK 3 GALAC-TAC chest armour
MK 2 GALAC-TAC armoured shoulder pads x2
MK 2 GALAC-TAC armoured groin pad
MK 1 armoured arm gauntlets x2
Condor Sentry Plate Carrier
Ballistic groin protector
5.56mm NTW Nexus Gen 3 Fast Mag x4
Tactical Tailor Radio pouch
Medium MOLLE Utility Pouch x3
Twin Smoke Grenade Pouch x2
Twin HE Grenade Pouch
Ops Panel (On Leg)
HSGI Mag-Net Tactical Mesh Dump Pouch
Ops Core Fast Helmet
MK 1 GALAC-TAC helmet
Wilcox NVG Mount green & Ops Core Shroud
AN PVS 31 Night Vision Monoculars
HARRIS PRC-152 Radio
HARRIS PRC-152 Radio Folding Antenna
RAC foldable headsets
RAC Dual Com U94 PTT
L119A1 5.56mm Rifle
Eo-Tech XPS3 sight
Eo-Tech G33 magnifier
PEQ 16
Insight M3X Light
Insight Remote Switch
KAC QDC Rifle Suppressor
Magpul angles Fore grip
5.56mm Magpul Polymer Magazines x5
Tactical Sling
RGW-90 Launcher (Exclusive)
AS Rocket (Exclusive)
9MM Pistol
Silencerco Suppressor
9mm Magazines
RADAR 1957 Holster
Lowa Zephyr GTX boots
Hand set (Oakley SI Pilot Gloves)
5.11 Patrol pack
V-Lite x2
Camelbak water bottle
MOLLE water bottle pouch
L25A1 Hand held Illumination flares
L132A1 Smoke Grenadesx2
MK141 Smoke Grenades x2
L109 HE Hand grenades x2
Chemical Light (Cylume) Holder
Chemical Light (Cylume) x3
Knife and sheath
CAT Tourniquet
actical Computer
MOLLE padded belt and harness
5.11 belt