Green Wolf Gear GWG-007 DevTac Ronin


  • Body
  • Head sculpt
  • G3 Combat Shirt
  • G3 Combat Pants
  • Scrim Scarf
  • Balaclava
  • S&S Flame plate carrier (Front & Rear)
  • G-Code 7.62mm Pouch x2
  • HTC 7.62 Mag Holder x2
  • HTC Dual Pistol Mag Holder
  • HTC Radio Holder
  • HTC Blow-out Medic Pouch
  • AN/PVS-15 Night Vision Goggles
  • Wilcox L2GO5 Mount
  • Sure-fire Light
  • PRC-148 Radio
  • Throat Microphone & Earpiece
  • U94 Gen3 PTT
  • LMT 7.62mm Carbine
  • Schmidt & Bender 8x24 Sight
  • Micro T1 Sight with Offset Mount
  • LLMOO3
  • Magpul ACS Stock
  • Magpul BUIS Sight
  • KAC QDC Suppressor
  • KAC QDC Flashider
  • Crossman Elite Vertical Grip
  • Magpul 7.62mm Magpul x3
  • KAC 7.62mm Mags x2
  • 7.62mm Magpul x2
  • Elastic Sling
  • Glock 17
  • Glock 17 Mags
  • Safariland Model 3280 Holster
  • Lowa Zephyr GTX Boots
  • Oakley SI Pilot Gloves
  • Cobra Duty Belt
  • S&S V-LITE x2
  • Chemical light stick and Holder
  • Casio GPW Watch
  • Spartan Knife
  • Inner Duty belt
  • Mk-13 Flashbang (Short) x2
  • Combat Application Tourniquet
  • Mesh Dump Pouch
  • DEVTAC Patch

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Was wondering what they were going to do with the DEVTAC helmet. Camo looks nice, I believe this is the company they teased way back when they were Task Force CB. The rest looks very familiar.

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I’m a lot more interested in this than that silly Galac-tac pseudo Boba Fett figure.

They both have their origins in the cosplay/airsoft world, but this one is slightly more relevant in that the SAS were somehow convinced to test a ballistic version of the helmet. Both remind me of the various future soldier type projects that the US military likes to wheel out. All that is missing is an exo suit and something that fires lasers.

Looks interesting. Look forward to seeing more pictures. This is probably gonna be pretty pricey though if the Galac-tac figure was any indication.

Its gone up for pre-order on their website today. £130 inc VAT, plus £19 postage (UK). September delivery. I got one, £130 kinda cheap for Green Wolf, mind you figure not dripping in gear.

Pictures are updated!

I like the figure (esp. the head sculpt), but not overly-thrilled by the helmet and BA. I wonder about peripheral obstruction, when wearing the helmet. Almost looks like it would be suited to breaching, and taking down active shooters in close confines. The rag “shawl” seems like a fix for the light loadout.

Too futuristic for my liking, but that radio with throat mike is a must-have piece which would be awesome for my “13 Hours” bash. Do you all know of any other figure that has this? Otherwise, trying to find this loose from this figure would be nearly impossible.

Sold out on BOT already.

Added partlist.

Yeah I saw that, must be an extremely limited run or something.


They are back up for pre-order.

Three possibles:

You also might wanna have a look at the DID MA1003 SWAT 90s figure with throat mic.

No indication it is limited in any way. Given the tooling for the helmet is unique they’ll want to sell as many as they can. Retailers often load a certain quantity at the cart level for preorders then reload as needed. Avoids giving away how many they are actually ordering or selling.

Ahh, ok. Just thought it was a bit odd that it’d be sold out right away like that. Don’t think I’ve ever seen such a thing happen in 1\6 military and I’ve been collecting since 2007.

@Murakami Thanks for the info!!! At $7 plus shipping the E&S version in that last link is doable. Great!

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The uniform is a must have for me.


I have those same pictures from John, from about this time last year.