Green Wolf Gear GWG-011 Royal Marines REORG Exclusive

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No changes to the weapon (GWG-009), means only the patches are interesting to me. However, despite GWG’s high prices, it’s good to see that they continue releasing interesting figures.

Let’s see if the GWG-011 rifle gonna be more expensive than the GWG-009 :smile:

Any idea about the GWG-010? Probably an exclusive.

I think it might actually be the new Vallon detector sets. Their website has them listed as GWG009A and 100 but others have them as GWG010.

Really great Figure if you are in for the British Army and Tom Hardy ;-). One of the best british Figures i have seen so far. For me it is to expensive for some reasons. Curiously the GWG-009 Standard Version cost 160£ and the Exclusive REORG Version 180£. Just 20£ difference for an Exclusive Figure with special headsculpt is interesting.

The exclusive is coming out to 282.05 pounds for me, which works out to over 350 dollars! It looks like that’s the only way to get the beret as well?
I can’t swing that for a figure-I’m bummed.

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There are some british berets avaiable from Dragon Models, ONE SIXTH UNIQUE or LITTLE FRENCH ARMY.

Cheers for that. I was hoping to get this updated version-it does look very good (and it’s for a good cause). Wonder if we’ll get a regular release Royal Marine down the road. Nice to see modern British kit in any case.

It is the GWG-009 Version. The GWG-011 is the Special Foundation Version. Also you can get the old Dragon Falkland Figures for good prices. For more modern ones you can try to get the Damtoys Figure:

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Got my pre order email from Greenwolf on this figure, so opened order. £173.50 for figure, plus £34.70 tax total £208.20. STOPPED typing. delivery will be extra £20/£30 so looking at £238 ish.

You must be joking. Did consider standard figure but that will be the same, RRP @ £160, then add tax & delivery.

So angry as this is the figure I have been waiting for, a nice modern Brit.

So I either miss the boat and hope another manufacture makes this figure (Please Easy & Simple). Which I don’t see happening, either get another chines fig or more US tier one. Like the world needs another US figure (getting like Dragon in the old days…another German ooohhhh - boring). Other option is buy the figure and get financially abused :astonished:

Sorry so negative, just this is THE FIGURE for me, but RRP is well above what I consider value for money tbh. End of day its a plastic dolly in clothes!

Well I’m off now - going to spend the weekend in a fowl mood:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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The price mentioned above is really prohibitive for me.
It is a well made and researched figure, and the money raised goes to a good cause.
But i could never justify £238 ish for a figure.

This is showing up at a few other places; found a preorder in the States for $220.00 (so like 170 pounds).

Looks like it’s shipping soon:


Definitely in for an L85A3, slick looking rifle.

I was chatting to John from GWG and these should be here very soon. Their facebook page has been showing pics of the production sculpts and figure in packaging.

I see where you’re coming from. It’s a fine figure, and should be done as a standard (read “no celebrity sculpt”) figure, on a scale to make it more affordable. Helping out the REORG is a good cause, but even by today’s pricing, this is a stiff undertaking.
I see the purchase of most new figures as a matter of some serious consideration. A few involve some real introspection on my part.

@AdamC, do you expect either of these Brits in soon?

Already out. I’ll ordered a rifle set, but it’s not cheap. Even from China. Also not many sellers are offering it loose.

Right, was hoping to buy a rifle set through Adam if he’s getting these in.

Don’t have any coming in for either.

Got it, thanks for the heads up.