Green Wolf Gear GWG-012 H&K MP7 Weapon Sets

Set A

Set B

Set C

Set D

Set E


Seems like a good idea, but I am really missing the variety. One new optic. ES’s MP7 was good, but Soldier Story’s was even better.

Briefcase is nice though and I am interested in one black set.

Let’s see about the price as they seem to have acquired the license.


My bad, no new optic at all. Small smartphone display is deceiving.

I like the green one but not sure if I need another MP7. Guessing it will cost $30+ which is half a complete 1/12 Damtoys figure.

Very nice MP7 sets and i like the idea with the case. First time the silencer has lettering. Nice Detail. Unfortunately the iron sights are not the rare ones from the Soldier Story SEK Figure and no new optics at all. The rare shoulder piece from Damtoys would also a nice addition. I like these new sets but the price could be deterrent.

Definitely, the GPS mount would be highly anticipated. Silencer with wording is very nice!

To be honest, I think I prefer the case over the MP7 here :smile:

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One complete set and some loose cases for my MP7 collection :smile:. Could pass as hand luggage next flight :grin:.

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You get three different colors. Just displaying them in the case looks good already. Seems like it’s GWG’s tactics nowadays. I considered getting the metal detector, because it has the case, but since they are same, no need anymore.

I like sets A (always happy to see green guns), B, and D. I wish they had recolored some of the suppressors to match the guns.

I might switch out some of the grips. Interesting how GWG opted to give the MP7A2s…a folding foregrip similar to the MP7A1’s grip. I have a few spare stubby Tango Down grips that would look pretty good.

Good to see the iconic ugly RAL 8000 color scheme on D. The cases are a nice bonus as well.

I really don’t understand the appeal of set E…it’s basically B with the A/C colored light/laser/pressure switch and different stickers for the case. That one is a clunker compared to the others.

Like the earlier ES version and the Soldier Story before, they’ve opted for an A1 with the Wilcox rail as used by NSWDG rather than the A2’s HK designed rail. Still haven’t seen an A2 to date. The KSK or HK diopter sights would have been a better fit as well. Understandable as these are all mashups from existing tooling including the CAA folding grip.

I’ll be honest, I hadn’t squinted at the rails to check whether they were true A2s yet. I took GWG at their word. Eh…still a neat package.

Yeah, I have several of those folding CAA foregrips. Just funny they didn’t give these MP7s fixed foregrips to differentiate them from A1s with the fixed folding grip/no 6 o’clock rail a little more.

Looks like they will be in the $35-40 USD range.

They are quite close given there are only so many ways you can do a rail with the design of the gun. The horizontal slits in the rail are characteristic of the Wilcox rail. They are otherwise quite similar. The A2’s seem to also lack the variant stamping on the grip as well. Minor things, still neat sets otherwise. The cases would be an interesting way to get the packaging sizing down.

Not bad. Would’ve liked to see a T-1 Micro or other optic and as has been said it’s odd GWG opted for that grip but I’ll probably pick one up.

I’m wondering what else they’re gonna put out this week, their fb profile said to stay tuned this week to see the weapon sets they’re going to be releasing and it was posted with the mp7’s so it appeared to be teasing more platforms to be announced this week

Would you have images to compare? The Hk site itself lists this A2 and somehow I can’t really see the difference. Is it all about these horizontal slits? What are the A1 and A2 characteristics with the rail?

Bildergebnis für mp7a2 hk

Wilcox made their rail as a retrofit for the original A1 body where the front grip gets removed. The A2 retooled the body to remove the interface for the folding grip and replaced it with a standard HK supplied rail system. You can see from the pictures below it has a different design than the Wilcox rail, the the slits on either side of the Wilcox rail are absent and the profile at the front of the rail is different.

Wilcox and A1:


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They look wonderful. I enjoy sets such as these, but I would like to see some sort of .300 BLK PDW in the near future, such as the LVAW. DEVGRU seems to be favoring such guns as of late, replacing the MP7 and other similar guns. I might pick up an MP7 as a placeholder for my upcoming NSWDG breacher bash until then. Either this, or the very cool one.

Now we are close to replicate this, having the matching sight and color available. Only problem is the MP7A2 rail, but then it remains an A1.


Need to see one of these in 1/6th scale.

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Hey Dave, what do you want to know exactly? I have the tan and green one. They are just like all the other ES MP7s. Just different colors and atttachments.