Green Wolf Gear x Easy & Simple 26022S SAS CRW Assaulter


@Murakami I am sorry, I saw you posted a pic of this on the general release thread. I found some more pics of this exclusive and took the liberty to create a new thread. I like the regular version more tbh.

Didn’t find any partlist, but should be quite similiar except for certain rifle attachments.

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I agree. The regular release is a tad better. I still dislike this head so much though.

The more the merrier, chpo. I have to admit, I preordered this one, because of the subject matter, and on the strength of the French SOF figure. E&S and GWG seem to have picked a smart approach, with the Russian and Asian specops figures being pretty much covered by DAM, Flagset, Modeling Toys, and Soldier Story.

I don’t know, I think I prefer this version over the regular.

I quite liked the reference pictures. The figure turned out fine as well, but is not enough law enforcement for my collection. I would probably replace the mask, which bothers me the most on both versions.

These don’t match it either but are far closer in my opinion. MSE Squadron Urban Sniper and VTS Darkzone Agents

This is probably the best ref pic for this figure. Still a bit off.

I know it’s an old thread but I was curious if anyone could indentify the plate carrier

The ES/GWG rendition looks like the C2R C2RMOR Lite. They were also using Warrior DCS carriers during that time period among others.

Thanks, I know an official parts list was never put out for that figure, it’s such a nice looking carrier, like a 6094 and jpc 1.0 combined which is a pretty awesome concept