Green Wolf Gear x Easy & Simple 26022S SAS CRW Assaulter

@Murakami I am sorry, I saw you posted a pic of this on the general release thread. I found some more pics of this exclusive and took the liberty to create a new thread. I like the regular version more tbh.

Didn’t find any partlist, but should be quite similiar except for certain rifle attachments.

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I agree. The regular release is a tad better. I still dislike this head so much though.

The more the merrier, chpo. I have to admit, I preordered this one, because of the subject matter, and on the strength of the French SOF figure. E&S and GWG seem to have picked a smart approach, with the Russian and Asian specops figures being pretty much covered by DAM, Flagset, Modeling Toys, and Soldier Story.

I don’t know, I think I prefer this version over the regular.

This is probably the best ref pic for this figure. Still a bit off.

I know it’s an old thread but I was curious if anyone could indentify the plate carrier

The ES/GWG rendition looks like the C2R C2RMOR Lite. They were also using Warrior DCS carriers during that time period among others.

Thanks, I know an official parts list was never put out for that figure, it’s such a nice looking carrier, like a 6094 and jpc 1.0 combined which is a pretty awesome concept