Green Wolf Gear Z-6S Boot question

Hey guys

I picked up a couple of these Green Wolf Gear boots [the peg type] from their Green Wolf Gear GWG-008 GALAC-TAC Urban Raider and I wanted to know if anyone has had any experience using them with any other body types [DAM, SS, E&S] besides the body types from GWGm that have “peg vs foot” use as an option?

From looking at the original GWG figure it looks like it uses the updated ES slim body. They should then work with the newer ES slim body and the other variants they’ve done since. The ankle peg outer diameter of those used on the ES slim body is larger than than the older (1.0/2.0) DAM series bodies or Hot Toys and much more so than Soldier Story. The closest you’ll probably get is the DAM 3.0 body which has an ankle peg diameter somewhere between the DAM 1.0/2.0 and the ES slim.

I tested a pair of ES boots and they fit reasonably on the 3.0 DAM body, and were a bit loose on the 2.0 body DAM. The ankle pegs are fixed on the 3.0 body so that helps offset the extra weight of the molded boots as the ankle peg won’t pivot on the peg/leg side. Not perfect if you like things super tight but the best option I can think of.

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Hey Adam

Thanks for the info, much appreciated. I was wondering if you had any pictures of the DAM 3.0 body type you were referring to (actually I’d like to see all 3 side by side), as I’m sure I’ve a few 2.0 but probably more likely there’s a 1.0 In my batch of bodies and as you say the legs on those are likely slightly smaller than the newer ones so that may be why it “felt like” the peg wasn’t going into the boot but was in actuality “in the hole” but wasn’t a snug fit .

First picture is the 2.0 (left) and 3.0 (right). The 3.0 is easily recognized as the ankle pegs are non-removable so you will always see them pictured with the body. Bottom photo is the 1.0 body. There are several variations on each generation of body but the ankle peg sizing basically breaks down to a 1.0/2.0 size and a 3.0 size. You might try something like silicone or plumbers tape wrapped around the peg to give you a bit larger size to work with. People will sometimes use superglue coatings around a peg as well but I’m not sure how that would react chemically with the rubbery foot material over time.

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Thanks for the pics and the suggestions, I was thinking as I’ve more of the 1.0 bodies it turns out than the 2.0 (for now), that I may use the boots either glued to the pegs or try and pick up several 3.0 bodies (if possible) to use the boots with and then use the 1.0 figures with their pegs and some actual feet.