Greenwolf Studio (Gear) - upcoming projects

Hi all

Just notice this information on Green Wolf website - upcoming projects (no images). Below is the order projects listed - not sure if this means anything, ie, order in which projects will be completed.

Military Style Figure - interesting wording - presume not going to be an actual real world military figure, more a creative figure. Shame no real world figures coming - always welcome more figures especially from GW. Nice to see weapon sets on list.

Warhammer 40k figure (2nd)
Military style figure
Weapon set 1
GALAC-TAC wave 3 figure
Weapon set 2
Military style figure


Pretty hyped. They seem to release good stuff!

Unfortunately, this has been there for ages. No progress seen at all. I was waiting as well.

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Lots of cool stuff. But they haven’t been answering emails lately, and there have been issues with UK members on another group. Lets hope it’s just a hiccup in business, as I would love to see some of these new items see production.

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They have two big projects underway, in fulfilling the Kickstarter for the Warhammer figure and also the Chris Ryan Bravo 2-0 figure.

I’m pretty sure it’s only a small company, and it’s possible they recently lost some staff or something similar.

Meanwhile, most of the US is still waiting on those GWG MP7s, and no one is really sure where in the world (literally) the US-allocated shipments are.

One US retailer did get them, but said retailer has ties with E&S (who handles production for GWG).

The Chris Ryan figure looks amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing the B version and if that’s any better I will pick that one up…

Started this hobby this year, can’t wait for a new galac-tac figure.

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