Greenwolf Studio (Gear) - upcoming projects

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Just notice this information on Green Wolf website - upcoming projects (no images). Below is the order projects listed - not sure if this means anything, ie, order in which projects will be completed.

Military Style Figure - interesting wording - presume not going to be an actual real world military figure, more a creative figure. Shame no real world figures coming - always welcome more figures especially from GW. Nice to see weapon sets on list.

Warhammer 40k figure (2nd)
Military style figure
Weapon set 1
GALAC-TAC wave 3 figure
Weapon set 2
Military style figure


Pretty hyped. They seem to release good stuff!

Unfortunately, this has been there for ages. No progress seen at all. I was waiting as well.

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Lots of cool stuff. But they haven’t been answering emails lately, and there have been issues with UK members on another group. Lets hope it’s just a hiccup in business, as I would love to see some of these new items see production.

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They have two big projects underway, in fulfilling the Kickstarter for the Warhammer figure and also the Chris Ryan Bravo 2-0 figure.

I’m pretty sure it’s only a small company, and it’s possible they recently lost some staff or something similar.

Meanwhile, most of the US is still waiting on those GWG MP7s, and no one is really sure where in the world (literally) the US-allocated shipments are.

One US retailer did get them, but said retailer has ties with E&S (who handles production for GWG).

The Chris Ryan figure looks amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing the B version and if that’s any better I will pick that one up…

Started this hobby this year, can’t wait for a new galac-tac figure.

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Just as an update to this, a post on FB has announced Green Wolf Gear is now out of business, and many folks have lost deposits on the Chris Ryan SAS figure(s), and the Kickstarter funds for the Warhammer figure are gone. One of the owners has disappeared, and the business is in the process of being dissolved according to some folks closer to the source than I am.

Shame for those effected and wish I hadn’t seen this coming a mile away. An important reminder not to hand over money in advance when you won’t be receiving an item within your chargeback eligibility period with your payment processor.

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I spoke to them several times and their spoken word always seemed to be miles ahead of reality itself. In planning:

  • SAS figure A and B at least
  • 2nd iteration of the Galac-Tac tan version
  • 3rd Galac-Tac figure

That’s military only. Shame for the product as I quite liked it, regardless of the pricing. I guess, E&S is still in possession of the moulds for these unreleased parts? On the other hand, I feel sorry for all the scammed customers. Might as well hurt the hobby.

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Well thanks for the post. I would have been none the wiser. It’s not unusual to wait years for a figure. Filled in online form with Bank, see if I can get any money back on Chris Ryan figure. TBH would be nice if E&S could finish off the figure - wishful thinking I know (presuming they are involved with making this figure based on historic working relationships).

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Might be an idea for them to pursue as a goodwill gesture for customers scammed by one of their (former) partners. Normally any unique tooling will either be owned by the OEM customer or the customer may own the rights for a set period of time so that might complicate things.

To give an idea of how long they have been demonstrating questionable business behavior, Green Wolf had not fulfilled some retailer orders going back as far as 2020. When you haven’t even fulfilled existing orders of a “released” product before embarking on a series of new projects and launching crowdfunding campaigns that certainly raises questions. As much as I like the notion of crowdfunding campaigns they are often the canary in the coal mine for a smaller entity as it plainly means they are strapped for cash.

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Well damn. Sad news. It would not surprise me if Games Workshop strike some kind of arrangement with Easy & Simple, they stand to lose a lot of face given they actively promoted the kickstarter through their own social media.

The Chris Ryan figure was absurdly priced considering the lack of expensive plastic items. Hopefully E&S will give us a generic SAS trooper from Desert Storm using some of the parts they already prototyped.


The hardest part in getting any figures out at this point would be the transfer of any Intellectual Property, and who actually is in ownership of the molds and patterns at this point. E&S may be in possession of the molds and patterns, but if GWG paid for them to be made, they aren’t necessarily free to just go ahead and use as E&S sees fit to recover costs, without dealing with the IP first. GWG may be out of business, but they still own the IP. Part of the dissolving of the company may be the transfer of that IP. Who knows at this point.

That being said, since E&S would have also taken on some financial burden with these jobs. They may have some legitimate legal recourse over being able to take over the molds after any paperwork regarding ownership and financial dealings is sorted out. So, some time down the road, we may still see some of these items see the light day in the future. But it won’t be any time soon.

It’s also possible some other brand E&S deals with may step in and take over the projects, like Games Workshop, or one of the brands using E&S as their fabricator. It’s less likely, but possible.

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