GROM kitbash - custom patches

Hey guys.

I just acquired a SIG MPX and would like to build a Polish GROM figure around it, since GROM seem to be one of the few SOF units using that gun and as far as I can see, no manufacturer seems inclined to tackle the subject. Since they look pretty generic in MC, JPS etc., getting the necessary parts doesn’t seem to be a problem, I have most of the stuff I need in some loose parts box, anyway.
The only thing I don’t have is patches: GROM unit patches, Polish flag patches, preferably the IR type.
Blood type, morale etc. is generic, anyway, so no problem there…
I know some of you do/did custom patches, probably printed on paper/cloth. What do you use for prototypes? Photos? How do you scale them? Are there any references or prefab prototypes available somewhere?
Would anyone be able and willing to supply me with such patches?
Lots of questions, would be gret if you could help me.

In my experience, what works best is:

  1. Get a large number of patch images, to use for different projects, and drag them onto one doc to make the printing worth your time. This doc could be Pages, Word, maybe even Google Docs.
  2. To search for the images, usually try something like “GROM patch/logo”, maybe adding in “PNG” or “JPEG”. For the images below I just typed in “Grom patch”. For most units, you’ll see a huge number of appropriate images right off the bat - 1/1 patches, renderings of said patches, and actual reference images from real operators wearing said patch. If you simply want a flag, just search “[country] flag”, or “[country] flag IR”.
  3. Scale them so that the patch images appear to be the correct 1/6th size on your screen (you can hold a pre-existing patch of comparable size up to your screen to get the sizing right)
  4. Print them at 78% scale to get a 1/6th size patch. This percentage may vary from system to system, and it took me some trial and error to arrive at this number; I used a Mac and Pages. You may want to do some trouble shooting with thinner/cheaper paper with B&W ink to begin with.
  5. Use thick 8.5"/11" paper. Stick double-sided tape to the rear (unprinted side) and cut out with very sharp Xacto blade

I haven’t tried any fabric printing but I imagine that’s pretty finicky. The paper method is simple and fast, and the images stay relatively sharp and, unlike thick fabric patches, conform very well to uniforms and LBE. Hope this helps


Thanks, Canuck!
I’ll try that approach and hope to show the final result here, someday.

Can’t wait to see it!