Guns of the Special Forces, by Leigh Neville

Hi all

Thought I would share this book with you (if you haven’t already found it!)

As the title suggests, the book covers the guns used by SF. In my opinion a well written book. Delves into why certain guns used, or not used (procurement process hit & miss). How SF feedback to manufactures and develop weapons, including weapon accessories and ammo development.

I am still in the pistol section, its fascinating reading. Giving me more understanding/knowledge to apply to kitbashes in the future.

Googled author Leigh Neville - he has a number of modern military books on the market, I will be picking up a few. One of his books, the A-Z of modern special forces, mentioned on this forum in the past. I picked up a copy, it’s another very good read. I like how the author references real life events/facts/current & ex SF people. It adds credibility.

I have the ebook from the play store (it was cheap :grin:). Printed versions available as well, just google title.

In summary it’s a cracking read, at least something to take to the head.



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Check out his twitter account as well as he posts some good content there from time to time as well.

I’ve heard of it before, from when I eagerly was eagerly snapping up any book related to SOF. My understanding is that it covers guns up to 2015, so some of the more “bleeding edge” stuff that’s come out since then and now might be beyond its purview. That said, I agree with your sentiment that it might still offer some worthwhile information for kitbashers. I doubt that I can buy it anytime soon, but I’ll see if Santa will be willing to get it for me.

Before anyone jumps on my case, I believe that the parents buy the gifts, and Santa just puts them under the tree. Because making all the stuff that people usually ask for these days in the usual way would presumably be too expensive, too complicated, and a humongous legal land mine, to say the least. Since all of the gifts would be manufactured by his elves and not the companies that own the rights and patents to them, Santa Claus is or was technically running the largest counterfeiting operation of all time. But if my theory is correct, then none of those problems would be a concern, since parents would be the ones who be buying the presents in a (presumably) legal manner.

That was probably unrelated to the book, but I just wanted to get that off my chest.

I agree only downside book only goes up to 2015. Suppose this will always happen, time moves on & all that.

Maybe an update every so many years? Keep extra £££££ coming in