H&G Type-79 V2


Just found this on BBICN. It states H&G and 2020 on the images. Are they back with an improved Type-79?

@AdamC If this is a new release, could you please add the tags and change it to New Release?


Would be so cool if this actually gets to market, I’ve been wanting to bash a Tanzanian soldier with a Type 79 for years.

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Oh wow… Please keep me informed as to where I can buy this…

I would like to know as well. I have literally never seen any H&G item anywhere at all.

Maybe Adam could help us out Christoph… Adam???

They aren’t usually carried by any of the distributors that I’ve seen and seem to be small volume production and sold domestically in China.

Thanks, I need this by all means.

Does anybody know who produced a 1/6 version of the NORINCO Type-85 smg? I think it might have been Phicen or one of their sub-brands, but the precise manufacturer escapes my memory. image

Okay…I got in touch with my guy. He is trying to get in touch with them.

Spetzcollector that weapon was made by Phicen.