H&K question

Hey community, has any manufacturer produced an H&K MR308 designated marksman’s rifle in 1/6? The A-TACS exclusive of the E&S French RPIMA paratrooper came with a rifle described as a .308 HK417, but the pictures don’t look all that similar to the MR308 pics I’ve pulled from the internet.

I don’t think so. Only Feeltoys did an HK civilian variation, the MR556 (416), but ES only did 417s. MR308 is only the civilian version of the 417, if I remember correctly.

The MR308 A3 ist unfortunately not avaiable in 1/6 scale. There are only the typical 416 and 417 Variants from HK with different stocks and handguards like Super Modular Rail from Geiselle, Remington RAHG or M-Lok. The MR308 is for Competiton shooters and Huntsman. So it is very unlikely that a Manufacturer will produce this Version.

The .308 Winchester cal. is the civil Version of the 7,62 × 51 mm. There are marginaly differences between the Civil .308 Version and the military NATO Version. The E&S HK417 should have the normal 7,62 × 51 mm.

Thanks for the help guys, I might just end up making a Frankenstein-bash with parts from a few sets in the end.