Have the prices jump up?!

I was looking on ebay and saw that the Hot Toys John Wick 2 was going for about $300, and one as high as $500. Has everyone gone mad! Even in the states they are going for $300! Is this because of the US-China tr*de war? Man, if it is…they are raping US consumers.

I bought the boxed figure because I thought it would be cheaper for me to part it out and keep the weapons. AND BOY IT WAS! I bought it for $230! Even if I part the body (clothes, shoes, etc…) and head sculpt I make my money back and more! $230 for a boxed HT JW2!

Just my thoughts on the price of these and the price I bought it for. And I thought Korean prices were on the high side, but now…they have come down compared the US.

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Pricing in the hobby has been pretty unrestrained, and this pissy “xxxxx wars” misbehavior by national leaders only can make it worse. It’s not like HT was ever comparatively reasonable, anyway. The constant increase in many loose parts prices, compounded by less figures per release, means looking seriously at boxed figures, for harvesting parts. It can still be an interesting part of the hobby, to hunt elusive parts, tho it seems that the “loiter time” for them is often very brief.
What you did with the JW2 figure, is something I had discussed with David Dunn, years ago. At that time, the idea was whether it was lucrative to buy HT boxed figures, with an eye toward turning them, within the next year or so. Too much like “day trading”, for me. More interesting to me, have been various companies’ figures, which were both attractive, and at the same time, “parts mules”, for various builds, or peripheral collection.
The idea of buying an entire figure for a few pieces, is not so extreme, when overall pricing means that disposing of the remainder can readily pay for those desired bits, and maybe even refill the “war chest”.

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Mike, this is not my first rodeo with buying the entire figure and parting parts out and keeping the weapons. But the XXXX wars are taking their toll on US dealers. But Green Wolf Gear Metal Detector w/Hard Case that I have ordered from my great friend Mike…OH THAT IS YOU! LOL! Seems in line with the Korean prices. Take care my friend! Dave

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To date nothing on the tariff side is effecting prices. So far I’ve only noticed noticeable increases on the military side where there has been continuing efforts by some parties to test prices above the $200 USD mark. This started long before the tariff talks and remains unchanged by them. There is usually a long lag time between what is mentioned in the media regarding tariffs and the actual process for any changes to get by the millions of lobbyists and get approved and enacted. The Wick figure’s US MSRP is the basically same price as what you paid, about $10 more, fair considering Sideshow actually takes care of their customers unlike the service Hot Toys offers. Any other deviations in prices are artificial distortions of the market by specific distributors, retailers, or individuals.

The interesting subnote here is many US toy brands are using the tariff talks as cover while they shift production out of China as production costs have become too high.