Having Problems Uploading Images?


To upload images you can drag and drop into the post editor. If you drag and drop multiple photos at once there are some limits to the number of files that can be uploaded simultaneously as well as the size and dimensions of each image:

  • The maximum dimension of a single photo is 5 megapixels (2560 x 1920). Most smartphones and cameras these days will take pictures with very large dimensions so you may want to check your camera settings to create a more reasonably sized image.
  • The maximum file size of a single photo is 900kb. The forum software will accept input files up to 5mb then attempt to resize them to at or below the maximum file size allowed for images. It will attempt this by resizing the dimensions and compressing the image but it may not be able to reach the target size depending on the image properties. If you still encounter upload errors, try resizing your photo dimensions and use some image compression to further reduce the size.
  • The maximum number of photos that can be uploaded at a time is 20, but if you have larger images you may want to reduce that to 15 as uploads of batches of images with a high megabyte count may encounter issues.
  • For some easy to use programs to optimize your images, please see this thread.

The reasons for these limits are due to the unique way images are handled by the forum software we use. The software will take each image then create several different copies at different resolutions for full size previews, mobile versions, thumbnails, etc while at the same time optimizing sizes and compression. While doing this it is also uploading all those image files to an external server as well as a cache server that helps reduce image load times for users in different geographical areas. In short, for every image there are dozens of images that get created and uploaded.

For video you can drag and drop a youtube video into the post editor as well or just post the URL.