Headsculpt Database African/Asian/Arabic


Charles Ingram

Djimon Hounsou

Don Cheadle

Jamie Foxx

Terry Crews

Will Smith


Osama Bin Laden


Aaron Kwok

Andy Lau

Chen Kun

Daniel Wu

Duan Yihong

Ge You

Gene Yu

Guo Jiahao

Jordan Chan

Liu Ye

Nick Cheung

Ren Tianye

Wallace Huo

Wang Baoqiang

Wang Yutian

Wu Jing

There are 32,000 character limitations to a thread, so I shad to split due to the images for every face, which takés a lot of space/characters.

Not always easy to find the name of the character “copied” … good job. :relaxed:

A very good job indeed!!! I document everything I have! LOL! I need to put the down in my Word file!

Although you don’t seem to have this one…

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