Headsculpt Database Caucasian/Hispanic A - J

Aaron Eckhart

Adam Baldwin

Andriy Shevchenko

Antonio Banderas

Barry Sloane

Bear Grylls

Ben Affleck

Ben Foster

Brad Pitt

Bradley Cooper

Bruce Willis

Bryan Cranston

Chad Smith

Channing Tatum

Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Sheen

Chris Evans

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Kyle

Christian Bale

Clint Eastwood

Clive Own

Cole Hauser

Colin Farrell

Daniel Craig

David Beckham

David Boreanaz

Dolph Lundgren

Donald Sutherland

Dwayne Johnson

Ed Harris

Édgar Ramírez

Edward Norton

Emile Hirsch

Eric Bana

Eric Dane

Ewan McGregor

Fedor Emelianenko

Gary Oldman

George Clooney

Gerard Butler

Guy Widden

Heath Ledger

Henry Cavill

Hugh Jackman

Jack O’Connell

Jai Courtney

Jake Gyllenhaal

James Badge Dale

James McAvoy

Jason Clarke

Jason Statham

Jean Reno

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jeff Bridges

Jeremy Renner

Joe Manganiello

Joel Edgerton

John Cena

John McAleese

Johnny Messner

Josh Duhamel

Jude Law

Justin Timberlake

It’s just in the making. Please feel free to help if anything missing should cross your mind.

Wow…Great data base.

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Thanks, but I am lacking with the Chinese sculpts. Basically no idea!

@Murakami You are the face specialist :smile:

If you need a hand with the Chinese actors let me know. I watch some movies from Asia from time to time, not up to date with the latest, but will be able to find out easier!


26003 Leonardo Di Caprio
26005 Sean Bean
26007A Liam Neeson
26007B Ewan McGregor
26008A Eric Dane
26008B Clive Owen
26010 Sharlto Copley
26011 Max Martini
26015 Bradley Cooper
26016 Travis Fimmel
26018 Jason Clarke
26018S James Badge Dale
26019A Brad Pitt
26019B/C Walton Goggins
26021T Christian Bale & Jason Clarke
26026A/B James Badge Dale
26028 Ryan Gosling
26029 Hugh Jackman
26031B Christian Bale

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DAM/Crazy Dummy
78001 David Beckham
78003 Brad Pitt
78005 Heath Ledger
78006 Paul Walker
78007 Heath Ledger (?)
78010 Tom Hardy
79011 Joel Edgerton (?)
78012 Edgar Ramirez
78023 Bear Grylls
78028 Michale C. Hall (?)
78037 Ben Affleck
78038 Adam Baldwin
78040 Paul Walker
78041 Mel Gibson
78045 Charlie Sheen
78046 Michael Biehn
78051 Travis Van Winkle
78057 Chris Hemsworth

Thanks a lot. I am out of edits for today but will add them all tomorrow!

Here’s what I know. Some of the pretty boy faces are hard to tell, as the new crop of actors all look the same (women too, they all have the same standard of beauty in Asia and get surgery to get those features).

Sorry couldn’t help more with the flagset ones - not sure if bad sculpts or if they picked B level actors.

That’s great so far. Added them all to the list. 73019 is Ren Tianye, I figured out.

@oso2013 @Col.Braddock Thanks a lot as well!

Do you think I should add images of the actors or categorize into ethnic groups like Asian, Caucasian etc? Not sure what helps most.

I would prefer images!

I also prefer images :wink::+1:. There are big differences between the headsculpts in relation to the similarity with the original.

Soldier Story SS048 US Marines In Afghanistan I don’t see Bradley here. That’s just my opinion.

Soldier Story SS091 US Army Pilot/Aircrew Hobby Expo 2015 Exclusive 1 I think that’s Jake Gyllenhaal

SS055 definitely not Leonardo Di Caprio

Lots of imagination, but I was told it’s supposed to be him. Still not sure though.

Looks similar to the SS100, but wasn’t sure. I’ll add it.

Similar to SS048 or SS090, I guess it’s a very bad attempt, but I might be wrong!

A few more:

SS008 CIA SOG Field Operator Mark Wahlberg

SS009 CIA SOG Field Operator Expo Exclusive Mark Wahlberg

SS014 CIA SAD Night Ops Jean Reno (?)

SS017 MACV-SOG In Action Christian Bale (?)

SS018 USAF Pararescuemen Justin Timberlake

SS019 Navy SEAL Team 10 Brad Pitt

SS021 USMC 1st MSOB Ewan McGregor

SS024 USMC 1st MSOB SAW Version Ewan McGregor

SS027 US Army FCS Testing Team Josh Duhamel

SS028 PMC Instructor Jeff Bridges

SS031 US Army FCS Testing Team (ACU Version) Jason Statham

SS033 DEVGRU Gold Team Gary Oldman

SS035 US Army 10th SFG S.E Channing Tatum

SS036 US Army 10th SFG Channing Tatum

SS038 US Army FCS Testing Team (TF Version) Til Schweiger

SS041 US Navy SEAL SDV Team 1 Stephen Lang

SS046 160th SOAR Todd McDunn

SS052 USMC 2nd MEB in Afghanistan Aaron Eckhart

SS053 USMC 2nd MEB in Afghanistan SGCC Version Aaron Eckhart

SS061 Naval Special Warfare Development Group - Red Team China ME Liam Neeson

SS063 USMC Francis X Hummel Ed Harris

SS068 US Army in Afghanistan M249 SAW Gunner Judd Law

SS075 US Air Force TACP-JTAC Don Cheadle

SS085 French Special Force Djimon Hounsou

SS094 USMC Marines Raiders – MSOT8222 Paul Walker

SS095 NSW Winter Warfare Gunner [Hobby Expo 2016] Paul Walker

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Me too but i had read that this headsculpt is based on his charakter in the movie A-Team. The Movie and the Figure are from 2010. So it is possible :wink: Many hedasculpts from that time have more or less similarity to the real person. Today many manufacture make very good heads were you can easily recognize the real person behind i think. Best heads are from hottoys i think if it is about real people in 1/6 scale.

  • 26009 - Tom Hardy

  • 26024 - Mark Strong

  • 26027 - Chris Evans (Captain America Civil War)

  • 26031 - the twin of 26012 :smile:

  • M003 - George Clooney

  • M007 - Eric Dane (The Last Ship)

  • M008 - Barry Sloane (Six)

  • M009 - Walton Goggins (Six)

  • M010 - Kyle Schmid (Six)

  • M012+M013 - David Boreanaz (Six)

Is this one Eminem?

I would say yes from what ia have seen.