Headsculpt Database Caucasian/Hispanic K - Z

Keanu Reeves

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Costner

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Kyle Schmid

Leonardo Di Caprio

Liam Neeson

Mads Mikkelsen

Marc Lee

Mark Forester

Mark Strong

Mark Wahlberg

Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Marshall Mathers

Matt Damon

Max Martini

Mel Gibson

Michael Ballack

Michael Biehn

Michael C. Hall

Michael Schumacher

Miroslav Klose

Nick Chinlund

Nicolas Cage

Oded Fehr

Oscar Isaac

Paul Francis

Paul Walker

Ray Stevenson

Robert Patrick

Roger Moore

Russell Crowe

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Reynolds

Sean Bean

Sean Connery

Sean William Scott

Sharlto Copley

Stephen Lang

Steve Austin

Taylor Kitsch

Thomas Jane

Til Schweiger

Todd McDunn

Tom Cruise

Tom Hardy

Tommy Lee Jones

Travis Fimmel

Travis Van Winkle

Vincent Cassel

Vladimir Mashkov

Vladimir Putin

Walton Goggins

Wayne Rooney

William Fichtner

Thanks for all your hard work in doing these. They are much appreciated.

Pretty sure Neal Mcdonough is Eric Dane from The Last Ship. Great series if you haven’t watched it.

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Hard call, but you might be even right. Hairline and eyes are more like an old Dane.

Now I get it, 78050 and 78051 from DAM are both about “The Last Ship” (just googled that) and therefore used Eric Dane and Travis Van Winkle as their sculpts. It’s corrected!