Hello from Canada

Hi all, I’m new here so thought I’d introduce myself. I was previously on OSW and was pretty active for awhile but lost interest as things seem to be going downhill lately (my username is the same there as here). I’m from Canada, and I’m a university student and combat engineer in the army reserves with an interest in pretty much all modern 1/6th topics. This forum seems pretty well run and friendly and from my lurking I’ve seen lots of really inspiring work so far! Thanks for having me aboard. Cheers,

Hi there,

I think, I remember your name from OSW. Yes, there is quite sth going on in here considering it’s only 68 members!

Also have a look at the new gear and announcement archive, in case you are looking for some parts in particular.


Hey Canuck, welcome to the new hang out.

A lot of us have drifted from OSW, but I still drop in there to keep my posts updated, and my sale threads going.

I recently tagged an old OSW link of yours to a veteran CF member friend of mine. He showed a pic of your CSOR dispatching an ISIS soldier. I sent him the whole link on OSW.

Hi both, thanks for the replies - good to see you’ve both brought your expertise over from OSW. cdn-rhino, I hope he thought it was semi-adequate! Definitely not my best work. I seem to remember him sharing a picture of himself in Afghanistan for reference.

Welcome aboard Canuck. It really is a cool place here.

Hey Canuck, good to see you here.


Hi Canuck. Wecome aboard! Nice to have you here.

I am new here too, but of course I say welcome … :relaxed:

Welcome aboard canuck may the posts be ever in your favour.

Thanks for the kind words everyone! It’s great to see so many familiar “faces” from back at OSW. I’m working on a few projects I’ll try and share soon.

Good to have you here Canuck, look forward to seeing some of your new projects.

Hello Canuck! And nice to see you here, too, cdn_rhino! I really need to get a life outside of 1:1 work again and drop in more often. :o(

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Thanks for the welcome(s)! It’s good to see so many familiar “faces” from OSW cropping up here.

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