Hello from France

Thank you for your acceptance on this forum.

So I’m French, I’m 52 years old and I’m a fan of action figure since my youth …

I collect military figures, mainly the brand Soldier Story, with about 60 figures, some Damtoys (Russians).
Almost all are still in their box, which takes a lot of space. Some are in a window. I have seen the evolution of the quality of the reproductions in the past years, and it is quite impressive today …
I do not try to reproduce faithfully, in the least detail the soldiers and eras represented. All this must remain just a hobby (unfortunately more and more expensive …) …
and I am also a shooter, and I have some weapons.

See you soon on the forum. :relaxed:

Hi, enjoy yourself here. Regards Christoph

Welcome, it seems we have a lot in common. There’s plenty of interest here, discussing the hobby, and related firearms.

Thanks for joing the forum krisbe511. I still have quite a few figures tucked away in boxes as well and you are right about how much space that can take up. Some of the earlier Soldier Story figures in particular had huge boxes. Thankfully we are now getting smaller packaging these days.

Welcome and have fun. Sounds like you have and a lot of space :wink:. See you in the future.

Greetings from Germany


Welcome to the forums fellow collector. :slight_smile:

Welcome, or should I say, “Bienvenue” krisbe511!
You will enjoy this site. Have a good time.


Thank you for your welcome :wink: and yes, we will have the opportunity to discuss our common passions … see you soon

Welcome to the forum! Nice to have you here!

Where do you live in France? I’m living in Rhineland-Palatinate about 15km from the France-German border.


Hi Markus aka oso2013
I am around Belfort about 60 km from the German and 20 km from Switzerland.
Again thank you all for your comments, it will be a pleasure to share with you.

Belfort? Christophe? Hi, I am Christoph :smile:

I remember your comments on Soldier Story’s Facebook page regarding the SS112

:yum::yum: yes on facebook’s Soldier story it’s me… I harass them to get their figures straight … and it worked with the SS112 … for the next exclusive I’ll do the same :sunglasses::sunglasses:

:smile: I’ll stick to you then!

You have to do with me, we will have more luck :wink:

As I do not know where to ask the question, I ask here. Not really 1/6 figures, but can I present somewhere on the forum Trickyman figures? If it interests someone?

Please feel free to discuss non 1/6 related items in the General Discussion or Off Topic sections of the forum which really are for whatever interests we all may have.

Yeah, they mentioned something like next time it should be easier to get exclusives. Otherwise we’re both in together. Let’s see :+1:

The ideal would be that manufacturers have online shops to buy all their products :wink:

Ok thanks for the info, so I’ll do that …