Hello from Germany


Hello to all 1/6 junkies,

my name is Markus and I just want to say hello before posting anything here.
I think some of you will know me from the OSW! My main interest is modern stuff like SEALs/DEVGRU and Force Recon/MARSOC. I’m looking foward to share my kitbashes with you here an Armed Figures!

Markus aka OSO2013


Only heard about you from @Col.Braddock but should be good having you here.
Looking forward to your work.



Good to see you here oso. Big fan of your stuff. :vulcan_salute:t4:


Hi Markus,

great to have here now.


Stefan :+1:


Love all your bashes oso, welcome to the forums. :smiley:


Welcome, Markus ! Good to see you aboard.


You will enjoy it here Markus! Welcome aboard!


Hello Markus, good to see an OSF Original here. (privateEric)


Welcome to the forum Markus. Look forward to seeing more of your work.