Hello to everyone


Many thanks for letting me join your forum.
My name is Gary, and on various forums i am known as Johkaz.
I have been kitbashing 1/6th figures for some years now, but now i am mainly into collecting modern Russian figures.

Hi, we all like Russians in here. Keep them coming :slight_smile:


Welcome, can’t wait to see some custom Russian kitbashes then. :slight_smile:

Hi Garry, nice to have you here. With your interests you’ll fit right in.

welcome Gary this forum has become home for me hope it does for you as well

Hi Gary,

I’m very new here as well but everybody has been very friendly and informative, welcome aboard

Nice to see old friends here! Enjoy yourself here Gary.

I was on the road, I’m just catching up. Welcome, Gary!

Thank you to everyone for the replies.